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the premier summit for association leaders

Celebrating 20 Years of Leadership in the Digital Age

Invest in yourself and your leadership team

join the celebration April 15-17, 2020, in Orlando, Florida


the truth about digital transformation


Throughout our 20-year journey together we have avoided the disruption of the dot.coms, discovered the fundamental technology infrastructure needed to compete, foresaw innovations to come, and most recently focused on new value and strategies available via digital transformation. 

Our digital transformation journey highlighted the creation of new high-value solutions and products for our constituencies that were not previously possible, the employment of new data-driven experiential strategies, and the technology required to do so.

One thing is clear from our over 100 interviews, survey responses, and last year’s digital transformation study, the next step in our journey together must close the gap between strategy and execution. 

Closing this gap will require that you align your associations structure, strategy and culture while providing traditional services.  The truth about digital transformation? Closing this gap is all about your leadership in the Digital Age. The good news? You are not alone!



how to close the gap between your associations value and strategy

  • Aligning culture, strategy,  agile value models, operational excellence to execute

  • Using digital/new media and channels for marketing, engagement, and branding

  • Employing innovations in learning and education

  • Innovating publications and content distribution

  • Delivering value to a multi-disciplinary, demographic, and generational constituency

  • Driving innovation in our association, profession, or industry

  • Creating a digital transformation strategy

  • Implementing change management



top technologies you need to transform and engage

  • Next-generation integration of content, learning assets, and media

  • Next-generation association and data management tools and platforms

  • Chatbots and AI

  • Content curation platforms



 key future trends that will effect your association

  • AI-driven business models (infrastructure and applications)

  • Augmented analytics and prescriptive analysis

  • Future of engagement

  • The role or our association in shaping the profession/industry in an age of constant disruption and change



with 200 "C Suite" peers in a collaborative environment

  •  Non-sales environment… no trade show

  • Event design created to encourage conversation, engagement, and formation of new relationships


registration is limited

to 250 association leaders


once registration begins

you can Take advantage of our throwback pricing to 20 years ago

digitalNow is a researched based community of association executives

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