Research shows the next step in our digital age journey together must be about closing the gap between strategy and execution 

by aligning your association's structure, strategy and culture while providing core services.  

Your Advisory Group and the team at Fusion Productions are currently designing three days of relevant keynote speakers, workshops, experiential demonstrations on future technologies, and collaboration sessions around the following:

  • Aligning culture, strategy, agile value models, operational excellence to execute

  • Using digital/new media and channels for marketing, engagement, and branding

  • Employing innovations in learning and education

  • Innovating publications and content distribution

  • Delivering value to a multi-disciplinary, demographic, and generational constituency

  • Driving innovation in our association, profession, or industry

  • Creating a digital transformation strategy

  • Implementing change management

  • Next-generation integration of content, learning assets, and media

  • Next-generation association and data management tools and platforms

  • Chatbots and AI

  • Content curation platforms

  • AI-driven business models (infrastructure and applications)

  • Augmented analytics and prescriptive analysis

  • Future of engagement

  • The role or our association in shaping the profession/industry in an age of constant disruption and change

for specific programming and descriptions.