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Case Studies (Resource Center Partners)

POD 1: BenchPrep

Increasing Lifelong Learning in Our Ever-changing World

Technology continues to radically change how we consume information, yet when it comes to learning programs, many have stayed strikingly static. By simply aligning with the modern learner and adjusting its approach, ASCM is now leveraging BenchPrep to offer courses that facilitate lifelong learning, drive higher user engagement, and yield better results. In this session, ASCM will demonstrate how they've upgraded their learning program with a modern approach that caters to how users are more accustomed to learning.  

Key Session Takeaways:

• How to properly align your business with the latest trends in online learning

• How to structure a program that encourages consistent remediation

• Tailoring modules and lessons to a microlearning pedagogy to increase engagement and knowledge retention


• Ashish Rangnekar, CEO, BenchPrep

• Bob Collins, Senior Director of Professional Development – Association for Supply Chain Management

POD 2: Feathr

Easy Data-Driven Marketing for Associations

A proven set of digital marketing tools that every association should use to grow membership, revenue and event attendance in 2019.

In this case study, we will cover the data-driven marketing strategies our customer implemented while using Feathr:

• How to select the data points to track and act upon for your association's marketing strategy

• Proven campaign ideas for turning your marketing and audience data into conversion-optimized campaigns

• The simple technology setup you need to quickly implement data-driven marketing for associations


• Aidan Augustin, Co-Founder – Feathr

•Adib Hashem

Account Executive, Feathr

POD 3: PA Consulting

How the ENA transitioned to a digital education business

The Emergency Nurses Association is the premier professional nursing association dedicated to emergency nursing. PA Consulting, an innovation and transformation consultancy, helped the ENA modernize its education business and adopt more digital channels for content delivery to enable:

1) more interactive learning experience;

2) ability to learn at each student’s own pace and schedule; and

3) ease of updating and deploying new content.

We will discuss the process of developing a strategy for the digital education business and provide a case study where we redesigned the content for course and developed an interactive online simulation module.

POD 4: Association Analytics

Forecasting Financials with Predictive Analytics

One of the most challenging aspects of long-range planning is forecasting what may happen beyond the next twelve months. Will the association be able to support its multi-year strategic plan? Will there be adequate revenue sources to support new initiatives in the coming years?

To find theses answers, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) recently used predictive analytics to create a 10-year net present value revenue model so leadership could see expected revenue. Taking into account prospective members and uncertainties, the model shows the expected revenue by member for the next ten years. This information has helped NCARB not only forecast the future and improve decision making but identify ways to reach desired outcomes.


• Julie Sciullo, CEO – Association Analytics

• Guillermo Ortiz de Zárate, MBA, Chief Information and Innovation Officer – National Council of Architectural Registration Boards


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