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“Harvard Business Review’s Adoption of a Digital Data Ecosystem”

Like many publishers, the Harvard Business Review has been evolving toward a more-digitally focused offering – complementing their award-winning print magazine with rich, current, and timeless digital content on and complementary digital assets. With this evolution has come greater and different demands on the capture and use of customer data. In this session, we will talk about HBR’s recent adoption of a digital data ecosystem – the problem, the solution, the successes, and a supporting data strategy. We will discuss aspects of our “crawl, walk, run” adoption from an organizational perspective, use of behavioral triggered emails, personalization of newsletters, and introduction of machine learning to improve targeting effectiveness.

Learning Outcome
• The benefits of workshopping your brand, gauging current brand perception, aligning your content and publishing to your diverse audience


Carrie E. Bourke, Director, Customer Analytics & Insights – Harvard Business Review


Room #W414A

This Session is part of Workshop Track III