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"In the Age of the Customer, How Digital Marketing, Data Science, and AI Drives Value in Retention, Acquisition, and Engagement”

When it comes to moving people and making deliveries, few companies are more widely spread and more widely recognized than Uber. Uber is part of the logistics fabric of more than 700 cities around the world, and whether it's a ride, a sandwich, or a package, they use technology to give people what they want, when they want it.

Uber spends hundreds of millions of dollars in acquisition and retention, and we are constantly optimizing the allocation of these budgets and performing experimentation.

We use AI in creative ways to:
• Improve the signal on A\B experiments and have better reads and insights
• Advanced segmentation of customers by propensity to act, churn, open an email
• Cross sell predictions
• Create models of resurrection and reactivation
• Apply natural language to provide insights on content
• Advance loyalty programs

Learning Outcomes
• How to think and interpret predictive models
• What metrics we use to evaluate these models
• The tools and technologies we use
• Specific case studies in optimization, channel attribution


Mario Vinasco, Data Science and Optimization Manager – Uber


Room #W414D

This Session is part of Workshop Track I