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“Message Me: Is Broadcast Social Media the Future of Association Communications?”

Our members are busy. Association emails often get buried in their inbox and, sometimes, deleted. At one of our association's focus groups, our members told us they "don't want to scroll through an email for 30 seconds to find what interests them." Thirty seconds! That's all the attention they have to spare.

According to research, 66% of association executives say that cutting through the clutter is their top communications challenge.

What if we told you an innovative way to share resources, news, and information with members was well in hand – and free?

Enter Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger's broadcast capabilities allow associations to transform business communications and reach members in a way that's agile, scalable, innovative, engaging, and cost-effective.

Learning Outcomes
• What are Facebook Messenger broadcasts
• Why they work so well for associations
• What steps are necessary to implement a "chatblast" program
• What kinds of results to expect
• What are best practices and key learnings from one association's experiences

Chrissy Jones, Lead Manager – Association of International Certified Professional Accountants


Room #W315B

This Session is part of Workshop Track I