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“Pivot Point: Reshaping Your Business When It Matters Most”

Examples abound of once-dominant organizations that succumbed to competitors and start-ups because they failed to adjust their business model when such a shift amid rapid change could have made all the difference.

We often see associations make small changes in an attempt to fix big challenges. They adjust the price of membership when the core issue is a lack of value to members. They redesign their websites but don’t improve the accessibility and usability of content, which is often the cause of members’ frustrations. When associations see a stagnation or decline in membership dues, they talk about membership models and pricing – I’ve built my company on helping associations create new membership models and pricing structures – but without value, people won’t give their money or their time.

As attitudes and values shift from ownership to access and flexibility, members will be drawn to organizations that provide real solutions that address their challenges and meet their needs. And while a passion to advance a cause or support a chosen industry still drives some individuals and companies to join an association, most organizations will need to find new ways to appeal to those who seek a transactional relationship or simply wish to find a resource that quickly resolves an issue.

Learning Outcomes
• How to ensure your organization remains nimble and able to quickly adapt to a changing landscape
• How culture plays a key role in being able to pivot your organization
• The five essential characteristics needed to pivot your organization to create meaningful value and build a sustainable business model


Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE, President & CEO – Avenue M Group


Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP, CPA, CAE, CEO – Association for Supply Chain Management

Gregory J. Fine, FASAE, CAE, Executive Vice President/CEO – CCIM Institute & CCIM Technologies

Chris Gloede, Manager – Ricochet Advisory Services,/Past CMO – American Bar Association (ABA)

Velma R Hart, FASAE, CAE, Chief Operating Officer, Construction Specifications Institute


Room #W414D

This Session is part of Workshop Track II