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"The Future of Print and Magazine Media in the Digital Age"

As organizations are becoming "smarter" and machines and humans are working together in new ways, successful businesses strike the right balance between new technology and proven, effective communication practices. Linda Thomas Brooks, President and CEO of MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, lays out how magazine media cuts through the clutter and clarifies messages in today’s cluttered media landscape, while introducing innovative ways to reach and engage audiences across platforms.

Learning Outcomes
• Why magazine media serve as a shortcut to quality and a proven way to better engage audiences
• Magazine media’s enduring power to solve marketer dilemmas across every key metric
VHow magazines are an important part of a successful cross-platform communications and marketing strategy
• The many unique – and scientifically proven – benefits of paper-based reading


Linda Thomas Brooks, President/CEO – MPA - The Association of Magazine Media


Room #W315A

This Session is part of Workshop Track III