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“The Perils and Promises of Blockchain for Association Members and Leaders”

The buzz is unmistakable. The next technological wave is beginning to crest and blockchain is leading the way. Advocates claim it will revolutionize trust on the Internet and, counterintuitively, lead to more privacy for individuals. Detractors have concerns about misuse, security, and what the overall socio-economic impact may be of blockchain being deployed at scale. Is it all just hype? How can we develop a better understanding of how blockchain may impact us as individuals and leaders of organizations?

We’ll talk about what blockchain is and how the technology works, discuss how it’s going to affect the association industry, and provide a roadmap for associations to use as they begin to help their members prepare for the impacts of this disruptive technology on their industries and professions.

Participants will:
• Get beyond the buzzwords and understand what blockchain is and how it actually works
• Learn how blockchain might be applied to the business of associations and begin thinking about what they might want to investigate for their own associations
• Develop a better understanding of how blockchain will affect their members so they can begin planning how they will help their members adjust to and use this new technology
• Be given step-by-step instructions on how to begin experimenting with blockchain
• Get a list of online tools and resources associations can use to expand their understanding
• Get a list of questions for leaders to discuss with their boards and volunteers

Katherine Matthews, Business Intelligence Analyst,National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
Elizabeth Engel, CEO & Chief Strategist – Spark Consulting


Room #W315B

This Session is part of Workshop Track III