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“Under the Learning Hood of the Next Generation of Game & Simulation Industries”

The session will include a presentation and discussion of current university programs that are focused on providing tools, knowledge, and expertise for the next generation of creative content providers. The Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy graduate program was created in partnership with the State of Florida, industry, and the University of Central of Florida to support Florida's growing video game and simulation industries. Today, over 600 graduates are working at over 200 creative companies leading the way with innovative new technologies in video games, education, military, medical simulation and training. The presentation will highlight the students’ backgrounds, their desires, and interesting new products they are creating.

Learning Outcomes
• Depth to which universities are supporting the creative class
• Breadth of the transferable skills of game developers
• The growing entrepreneurial skills and mindset of today's young developers

Individuals and organizations in the education, training, and certification roles will learn the opportunities and resources available to develop next-generation tools and platforms that are engaging and immersive. From architecture to the medical field, game developers are adding value by bringing skills and abilities that had historically been relegated to large software developers. Today, entrepreneurs can afford all the latest technology and tools to develop high-production content and satisfy a growing range of customers.


Ben Noel, Executive Director – Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy at UCF


Room #W315B

This Session is part of Workshop Track II