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"Your Brand, Your Content... Your Future" (Association Media & Publishing Strategic Session)

Making your audience/membership feel connected, valued, and heard is a getting more challenging. Audience diversity, channel prioritization, and messaging can get lost, along with gauging your organization's ever-changing perception component, make for a complex mix. Are you aligning your content/publishing to your audience, or is the audience defining it? Through this workshop, we’ll discuss why a strong brand strategy is needed and how you can test it, at the same time ensuring that your external communication tactics and content match where you're headed. We’ll discuss the changing face of our audience and how to continue to build it, challenging budgets, and what you can to do to drive change. This workshop will be facilitated with breakout groups and tangible outcomes that you can bring back to your organization. Bring your challenges into the room and discuss tactics to overcome them.

Learning Outcome
• The benefits of Workshopping your brand, gaging current brand perception, how to align your content and publishing to your diverse audience


Mark DeVito, President – Bates Creative

Laura Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer – CREW Network


Room #W315A

This Session is part of Workshop Track II