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Goodbye Seat Time – Hello Competency Based Education and Digital Credentials


Presented by

Tracy Petrillo, EdD, CAE, CEO, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, Chair CAE Commission 

About this session

Time was the standard unit to measure learning experiences: college credits to degrees and continuing professional education for credentialing. However, no two adults learn in the same way in the same time. Motivation to apply knowledge to practice occurs when we stop measuring learning by time increments and create self-paced programs with digital recognition for progress. Competency Based Education (CBE) builds personalization and creates varied assessments to express skills and apply knowledge. Success is digitally demonstrated in measured outcomes through new transcripts, resumes with digital badges and credentials.

Learning Outcomes

  • Deconstruct the realities of seat-time based learning programs, including credentialing and certification

  • Following the lead of higher education, design adaptive models to convert associations with traditional program hours (conferences, certifications, credentials) into learning competency demonstrations and assessments

  • Ideate on the impact that digital career resumes can have to shape the workforce and the future of hiring

Who should attend?

CEOs and Executive Directors, Chief Learning Officers, IT Directors, Marketing, credentialing specialists - There is great opportunity to move traditional learning models into competency-driven, self-paced bundles that build adaptive business plans. Digital transcripts and credentialing will impact all professions when analytics begins to drive employee search and hiring.