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digitalNow Technology Showcase

Congressional Ballroom CC

It's time for the famous digitalNow Technology Showcase. Learn what's up and coming from today's technology innovators - the CEOs who are setting the trends for future technologies - and discover what they could mean for your association. 

This session will be followed by hands-on demos in the Fusion e.Comm.unity Resource Center. 


UnaliWear and the Kanega  watch

Presented by Jean Anne Booth, CEO, UnaliWear

Focus groups have named UnaliWear’s Kanega watch a wearable “OnStar for People” because it enables discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and a guard against wandering in a voice-first, classically-styled watch.  Thanks to its patented battery system in the band, you never have to take your watch off to charge.  Inside the watch, is a combination of cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth (for hearing aids and telemedicine devices), an accelerometer for automatic fall detection, and continuous speech to provide an active medical alert that works anywhere, along with data-driven artificial intelligence that learns the wearer’s lifestyle to provide predictive, pre-emptive support  - like a NEST thermostat, for people.

Presented by Gil Allouche, CEO,

Ready, Set, Go! How Companies like Nutanix Automate B2B Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Nutanix uses AI to massively scale offer/channel testing for target account success. Having achieved a leadership position in the skyrocketing market for hyper-converged infrastructure, Nutanix embraced account-based marketing to increase penetration and grow revenues within target accounts. Nutanix first ran pilot programs with traditional ABM solutions, but they found they were unable to generate the volume of highly-targeted, highly-qualified leads they required to meet revenue goals. In this session, see how Nutanix increased target account penetration by 200% and reduced cost-per-lead by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate and massively scale their testing of targeted offers and channels from dozens to thousands of tests per month.

About Metadata

Metadata is a next generation account-based targeting platform, completely automated and operated by Artificial Intelligence. The Metadata AI Operator learns your ideal customer profiles based on historical CRM data, then builds audiences of your target customers and personas and deploys paid media campaigns automatically to deliver a predictable, qualified inbound lead flow. Metadata clients include Nutanix, Amdocs, Intel, Mulesoft, Infoblox and many others. For more information about Metadata, visit

ClearAccess IP

Presented by Nicole Shanahan, CEO, ClearAccessIP, Inc.

ClearAccessIP transforms IP portfolios from cost centers into profit centers. We have eliminated many of the costs associated with building patent portfolios by automating patent prosecution and workflow, and we are building an environment in which IP managers can monetize their patents. By taking away overhead burdens and unleashing the value of the asset, we are ultimately driving innovation faster. Law firms, corporations, and research centers benefit from end-to-end data automation and integrated AI to assist strategic portfolio decisions. Our mission is to reinvent the patent lifecycle with automation technology and services.

ClearAccessIP is an integrated marketplace that connects patent managers and portfolios, assists lawyers in building clients' portfolios, manages licensing deals, and helps patent holders monetize and manage their assets.

For the first time, professionals, researchers, academics, businesses all who invest, develop, and manage Intellectual Property can more efficiently and effectively monetize and manage their IP and Patents.

Quantum Interface

Presented by Kevin Reinis, President & CEO, Quantum Interface

"Changing the way we interact with the world."

Quantum Interface (QI) fundamentally changes human interactions using predictive dynamic motion for content and device navigation. We are a software only solution and are hardware agnostic. As the world becomes more digital a new interaction paradigm is required to ensure digital transformation results in a more satisfying and productive User Experience (UX). QI’s proprietary technology allows for a more immersive, intelligent and intuitive interaction experience with digital content.  This is achieved through leveraging natural human motion tracked by any sensor in 2D or 3D environments.  When this is done, we predict user intent. When you predict user intent, you can make magical things happen in digital content. 

Our software physics engine greatly improves UX across a variety of applications and markets. In particular, AR/VR/MR, mobile and automotive. Many have said we “kill the mouse” and eliminate the need for single event, button based interactions whether this be touch, gesture or voice. Touch, gesture and voice are all binary interactions. QI technology brings analogue interaction to the digital world and can be used in combination with touch, gesture and voice. QI brings the “human” back into the HMI - Human to Machine Interface. QI is proud to be named “Cool Vendor” in Gartner’s 2017 HMI report. 

Come by the Technology Showcase Demo area and give it a try!