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NeXT I: Leadership & Innovation

Congressional Ballroom AA & CC

Co-Innovation, A Smart Approach to Reinventing Relevance

Presented by

Mellie Price, Co-Founder, SoftMatch

About Mellie

Mellie is an experienced investor, fund manager, technologist, and eight-time entrepreneur. She will share how she uses partners, networks, culture, and execution to address your most critical questions. 

Mellie personifies the term “co-innovation” by bringing progressive minds and cutting-edge technology together in all of her ventures. 

With a legendary track record for success, Mellie has created and managed both organic and explosive growth scenarios for a variety of organizations and is passionate about leveraging that experience to help transform healthcare.

Leadership & Transformation: Thinking boldly with Intelligent  Execution

Presented by

John Fremont, Artificial Intelligence Lead, Accenture / Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, HyperGiant

About John

John’s vast experience includes Chaotic Moon, Accenture and now HyperGiant. He has worked with organizations such as Starbucks, HarperCollins Publishers, Shlumberger, Bosch, News Corp, Microsoft, and Discovery Channel.

John answers your most pressing questions as he presents how your association’s strategy must change. Equipped with the knowledge John will share, organizations can start to identify and leverage new opportunities that simply weren’t possible to see before.

To quote John, “If you don't do that right now, in a few years from now you're probably going to be left behind.”

You may also choose during this time to visit the Tech Pods in the Fusion e.comm.unity Resource Center to receive a hands-on demo or presentation with some of the hottest technology innovators coming out of Austin's Capital Factory and with members of the digitalNow Community.  POD presentations are being held from 11:00 - 11:30 am.

But wait - there's more! Keynote David Rogers will be available in the Collaboration Lounge to have small group conversations with leaders who want to take the conversation about their digital transformation to the NeXT level. 

Later Event: May 7