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The following POD presentations will be taking place during the NeXT II session:

Tech POD #1

Christine Jones, MBA, Communications and Member Engagement and Stacie Saunders, Associate Director – Communications & Member EngagementAssociation of International Certified Professional Accountants
Building A Chatbot: A Lesson in Social Media Member Service

Tech POD #2

Betsy Delfosse, COO, Dynamic Benchmarking

Dynamic Benchmarking will provide case studies on how  technology was used to transform data into usable and actionable outcomes that provide insight for both businesses and individuals. With Dynamic Benchmarking’s platform, organizations can provide members with a state-of-the art solution that turns raw data into usable business intelligence.  Our custom-tailored, web-based platforms change the way individuals and organizations assess their performance and make decisions.  We provide the tools that tap into the “wisdom of the crowd” by collecting and aggregating user-supplied information. The end result is an easy to use, and interactive benchmarking solution that delivers relevant and actionable peer comparisons to its users and aggregated industry information for our clients.

Tech POD #3

Kim Kett, VP National Accounts, GTXcel demonstrates Turnstyle.

GTxcel has been a leader in digital and mobile publishing for years, and our latest Turnstyle platform is continuing to keep GTxcel at the top of the curve. While a publisher’s focus will always be about the content and engagement, part of the experience publishers need to be mindful of and embrace, is the opportunity for monetization. GTxcel does not want publishers to reinvent the wheel for monetization, since so many organizations have ad served placements on their websites. The same ad units can be used to monetize digital and mobile editions of publications, and both full page and fractional ad units from the publication can be utilized in a desktop and mobile format seamlessly. The GTxcel Turnstyle platform ad presentation heres to Google’s Better Ads initiative. GTxcel is also sensitive to the new WCAG regulations to allow accessibility to all to view the publications in the Turnstyle format. The initiative for WCAG compliance is alaready underway at GTxcel.

About Turnstyle
GTxcel’s Turnstyle platform creates a digital and mobile optimized experience using the same PDF file sent to a printer. Turnstyle allows for a traditional replica version as well as an HTML reading version to exist together in the same link for ease of use to the reader. The issue will display with the best reading experience depending on what device the reader is using. Turnstyle also includes native apps for iOS, Google Play and Amazon to allow publishers to push additional content to readers if they wish. All of this work is done by GTxcel, with as little or as much control as the publishing staff wants to have over the look and feel of the publication.

Tech POD #4

Jake Fabbri of Fonteva, sponsors of the Digital Transformation Lab

Enhancing the Member Journey with AI
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way businesses analyze data and optimize customer interactions. Deployed correctly it has the power to spot trends that might otherwise be camouflaged in typical report views.

Though still emerging as a mainstream technology, AI gives organizations the power to use their data to inform forward looking, proactive operational decisions, rather than always reviewing the results of what happened and making guesses for next time.

This technology holds great promise for associations to use data they already have to guide business decisions to improve retention and drive revenue.