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Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment Model


Presented by:

  • Tom Loughlin, Past Executive Director, ASME
  • Ellen Moore, Principal, Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment (DTRA) model, Past Chief Learning Officer, AAOS
  • Pamela Kaul, President, Association Strategies
  • Joel Albizo, Chief Executive Officer, CLARB
  • Mark Dorsey, Executive Director & CEO, CSI
  • Don Dea, Co-Founder, Fusion Productions

About this session

What is your association’s/society’s state of Digital Transformational Readiness Assessment (DTRA) today? The research-based assessment tool and model will help you see where your organization stands in this strategic endeavor will be reviewed along with best practice case studies of early innovators.

Digital transformation is the convergence of digital technologies applied to organizational activities, processes, competencies, data,intelligence and models yielding significant efficiencies, service and market opportunities for associations & not-for-profits.
Leveraging this mix of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way will present and ensure a future that supports and advances the organizations’ mission and sustaining relevance.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand 9 Pillars of Digital Transformation Readiness and 4 core foundational elements
  • Understand stages of the Digital Transformation Journey
  • Lessons learned in addressing barriers
  • How associations are advancing across the spectrum of operational excellence and ecosystem innovation.