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How Association Leaders Nurture an Analytical Mindset


Presented by

  • Julie Sciullo, CEO, Association Analytics
  • Melissa Garcia, Senior Director, Digital & Information Strategy, Society for Neuroscience

About this session

Association leaders today have an increased number of decisions to make, but less time to make them. Creating a culture that embraces an analytical mindset (the ability to ask questions and communicate about data) will be one of the most important strategies association leaders can do in the next decade. Coaching your team on embracing an analytical mindset to quickly make evidence-based decisions with confidence is critical. An analytical mindset means understanding the context - the business environment and its culture, processes, strategies and tactics - in order to make good decisions. Additionally, this must be done in a way that ensures a shared understanding toward the common goal of adding value. Walk away from this session knowing how to become a role model for effective decision-making in your organization.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify their organization’s current Analytical Mindset IQ – and know the concrete steps to increase it!
  • Reduce the time it takes to make decisions
  • Learn the top 10 most powerful analytical questions to ask and techniques to ensure shared understanding
  • Gain understanding of the model and framework for analytical culture that focuses on what really matters

Who should attend?

C-level executives will benefit by learning how to become a role model for effective decision-making in their organization.