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NeXT III TECH POD, sponsored by HLT

Congressional Ballroom AA

The following tech demonstrations are taking place during the NeXT III session.

Tech POD #1

Sarah Jerger: Champlain College's Emergent Media Center

Tech POD #2

Richard Lineback, V.P. Strategic Partnerships and Emily Minnaert, Marketing Communications Manager, HLT

HLT is an industry-leading mobile learning company.  Founded in 2012 by Alec Whitters, at that time a dental student at the University of Iowa, the company’s flagship offerings focused on exam preparation for the nursing licensure exam and the dental boards.  Today, More than 80% of dental and nursing students use HT products.  The company now has 100 market-leading apps on the market, which have been downloaded by more than 10 million loyal users.  In addition to developing its own educational content, HLT also partners with industry-leading educational publishers and Government organizations to deploy and support educational content.  HLT is working with the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, Toyota, and NAPA Auto on a large-scale pilot program for the mobile re-certification of automotive technicians.

What defines this as an Innovation? 
The utilization of mobile app technology and social media to support longitudinal assessment for maintenance of certification.

How is it being used? 
The app is used to supplement ASE's current re-certification process that requires members to go to a physical testing center every five years for re-certification. The app allows users to maintain their certifications and engage with fellow technicians. ASE is able to better monitor and engage with technicians, while fostering continuous learning of advancing technologies.

Tech POD #3 

Jake Fabbri of Fonteva, sponsors of the Digital Transformation Lab

Enhancing the Member Journey with AI
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way businesses analyze data and optimize customer interactions. Deployed correctly it has the power to spot trends that might otherwise be camouflaged in typical report views.

Though still emerging as a mainstream technology, AI gives organizations the power to use their data to inform forward looking, proactive operational decisions, rather than always reviewing the results of what happened and making guesses for next time.

This technology holds great promise for associations to use data they already have to guide business decisions to improve retention and drive revenue.

Tech POD #4

Jackie Kacerski, Breezio
Introducing the Branding Ecosystem: Enable a range of audiences to engage
around many forms of content, opening up the opportunity for online community growth.