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Beyond Membership: Using AI and Innovative Models to Capture a Larger Share of the Market


Presented by

  • Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE, CEO, Avenue M Group

  • Ron M. Moen, CAE, CIO, CHEST

  • Scott Wiley, CAE, President & CEO, The Ohio Society of CPAs

  • Amy Lestition Burke, MA, CAE, Vice President, Member Engagement, Association Management & Consulting, MCI USA

About this session

Is membership the only option? Are you spinning your wheels and seeing a slow decline in membership despite your best efforts to market your organization and deliver value? Maybe it's time to rethink membership, pricing and engagement. This unique session will provide alternatives to the traditional membership model and give attendees the opportunity to build a new business model that will help capture their entire market.

The Holy Grail of membership used to be an organization's ability to help members stay up-to-date, network with peers, advance their careers or business and practice their profession (advocacy). These four pillars are still relevant, yet the world has changed. From increased competition and the influence of private equity to a changing workforce and advances in technology, membership just doesn't hold the same appeal as it did just 15 years ago. Yet most organizations cannot abandon their membership model. Membership is often built into an organization's bylaws and the leadership may still support a traditional membership model.

During this session, the speaker will introduce a new approach to capturing 100% of your market without abandoning the traditional membership model. Using examples from the association community and disruptions in the for-profit world, attendees will learn how to build a program that will expand their reach and potentially grow revenue. The session will focus on the importance of artificial intelligence, customization and technology to capture a larger share of the market.

Everyone is talking about AI, new pricing models and external trends impacting growth. This session offers new ideas and a case study showcasing how they can successfully be implemented.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a business model that can co-exist with the current membership model

  • Understand how to use artificial intelligence to achieve their marketing goals

  • Develop a plan for capturing a larger share of the market

Who should attend?

CEOs/EDs/VPs of Membership and other C-suite executives from individual and trade associations who are interested in expanding their reach into new and existing markets will benefit from attending this session.