Claire Glisson

Claire is a powerful marketing strategist and content creator. She grounds every effort in strategic thinking, ensuring that all content is based on research and insight, and that it is part of a broader plan for building meaningful relationships with members and audiences. Her background as an English major guarantees that not a comma will be left out of place. Claire heads up marketing efforts at Hum and loves to help associations come up with smart strategic plans for content and marketing.

By Claire Glisson

  • Monetizing Content in the Digital Age

    Monetizing Content in the Digital Age

    Does your association have a super smart and strategic content strategy? Time to move beyond simply providing valuable content for members. To take your content strategy to the next level, start finding ways to monetize the valuable content you’re already creating. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We’ve pulled together a quick and easy framework to guide your thinking to introduce a monetized content strategy with ease and efficiency.

  • What to Expect at digitalNow 2020

    What to Expect at digitalNow 2020

    In light of the global pandemic, digitalNow 2020 has gone totally digital. And we've got some great experiences in store. Read on to get the 411 on out digital-first programming, including an exclusive look at all our special sessions!

  • Leading and Nurturing Digital Teams

    Leading and Nurturing Digital Teams

    Is your association equipped to nurture remote teams as you adjust to the new normal of post-pandemic work life? Read on for our guide to keeping remote teams engaged and excited from afar.

  • Digital Delight Infographic

    Digital Delight Infographic

    Has your member engagement strategy changed since COVID-19? Or has the pandemic brought an abrupt halt to member experiences? Check out this handy visual for some easy-to-implement ideas for delighting your members with new digital experiences.

  • 5 Tips for Growing your Association's Presence on Social Media

    5 Tips for Growing your Association's Presence on Social Media

    Wondering how to best leverage the channels most used by Millennials and Gen Z? Get our guide for optimizing your social strategy, plus some helpful links for marketers around the web.

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