JUNO, digitalNow 2020 Sponsor

JUNO, digitalNow 2020 Sponsor

JUNO turns your live events into daily experiences. JUNO connects and engages your audience to your events, on demand content, courses and everything in between 365 days a year. Every feature is built to promote connection, gamification, business growth and learning. JUNO is our digitalNow 2020 digital event sponsor, hosting our first-ever fully virtual conference experience.

By JUNO, digitalNow 2020 Sponsor

  • The Five Pillars of Digital Community

    The Five Pillars of Digital Community

    Introducing the 5 Pillars of Community to your organization, in conjunction with utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) recommendation tools, is imperative in the current and future digital arena. In the fast-changing setting of the workplace, adopting a common mindset builds community and maintains a team-oriented environment as a strong foundation for your organization.

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