What could be more efficient than listening to podcasts about how to improve the efficiency of everyone around you?!

We’re big fans of audio content, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and listen to the same podcast hosts over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with playing favorites (ha!), but here’s a roundup of episodes from shows which might not be on your regular rotation - yet. Guaranteed to help you get your team humming.

  1. HBR IdeaCast: Breaking Down Bureaucracy and Building Up Workers

    In this episode Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini, cofounders of the consultancy Management Lab and authors of the new book Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them, outline bottom-up ways to empower workers and hack management. Zanini and Hamel have studied and collaborated with innovative organizations, and they’re here with tactics and strategies to help managers excel - even within more bureaucratic environments.

  2. Capital H - Human Capital podcast series from Deloitte: Building effective teams: Where do you start?

    When you think about collaboration, you probably think about teams. But teamwork may not be a natural thing for individuals, and building a successful team-based organization is often easier said than done. Restructuring your approach to collaboration can make teamwork more effective. This episode features Dominic Price, Work Futurist and "Team Doctor" at Atlassian. Don shares his thoughts on what it means to be agile; building a team that creates value; achieving cognitive diversity; navigating failure and course correction; harnessing the benefits of friction and respectful dissent; and evaluating success—plus his recipe for transformation.

  3. The Productivity Show: Tim Stringer on Managing Personal Tasks & Team Projects, Communication, and Holistic Productivity

    Tim Springer is a professionally-trained coach, productivity expert, and meditation teacher. He’s also the founder of
    Technically Simple and Learn OmniFocus.This episode covers a wide range of topics like how to best use a task manager for personal tasks, professional tasks, and team projects; what type of tasks to put where; and an introduction to the approach Tim calls Holistic Productivity. This approach acknowledges the multi-faceted nature of life and posits that a positive shift created in one area of life impacts all other areas of life to a large or a small degree. For example, someone will naturally be more productive in their work environment if they create a positive shift around their health, such as by getting more sleep at night. It’s a great reminder to managers that helping an employee thrive in one dimension of their life or work may have positive effects in other ways, too.

  4. Beyond the To-Do List: Ian Morgan Cron On Overcoming The Productivity Hangups of Each Enneagram Type

    Ian Morgan Cron is a bestselling author, Enneagram teacher (Enneagrams are personality types), nationally recognized speaker, psychotherapist, and Episcopal priest. In his book
    The Road Back to You, Ian presents an approachable and practical path to the Enneagram. In this conversation Ian covers the productivity hangups of each enneagram type and how to overcome them. Ian also hosts the Typology Podcast, so there’s more where this episode came from, if your interest is piqued!

  5. How To Be Awesome At Your Job: Achieving More by Embracing Your Productivity Style with Carson Tate

    Carson Tate is the founder and Managing Partner of
    Working Simply and the author of Work Simply: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style. Her views have been included in top-tier business media including Bloomberg Businessweek, Business Insider, CBS Money Watch, Fast Company, Forbes, Harvard Business Review blog, The New York Times, USA Today, Working Mother and more. In this episode, Carson discusses the four productivity styles and how to pick the tools and practices that best suit you. You'll learn how to pick the right system for your productivity style; the top tools for keeping your inbox under control; and how to work in harmony with opposing productivity styles. Keep these insights all to yourself, or share them with those around you -- there's no better way to lead than by setting an example. 

Hope you enjoy, and please be sure to let us know if you’d like to see more of these podcast roundups. We’re here to accelerate your efforts toward digital transformation -- not just at the conference in December (click here to register), but also throughout the year, on your schedule. Subscribe to our email list to get the latest news.