So you want a content strategy that will appeal to your members but you don’t have a clue about where to start? No fear, we’re here to help. Engaging content strategy starts with compelling topics that are rooted in current events and real member interests. We’ve compiled a list of topics that are current and top of mind for members across industries. Read through and see what catches your eye. 

  1. Your association’s response to COVID-19
  2. Advocacy Update: a note on the way your association has advocated for change in your industry to help workers navigate the changing work landscape associated with COVID-19
  3. Transparency talk: where exactly do member dues go?
  4. Tips for digital networking and job interviews
  5. Work from home tips
  6. Work-life balance when you’re surrounded by family. All. The. Time. 
  7. Ways to reclaim a little bit of sanity and self-care when stuck at home
  8. Expert interviews with industry professionals: How their workplace has responded to COVID-19
  9. Expert interviews with industry professionals: How they find balance while working from home
  10. Leading and nurturing remote teams
  11. Ideas for making Zoom meetings more fun and interesting
  12. Tweet roundup: funny/lighthearted tweets about working from home during the pandemic. Bonus points for tweets from professionals in your industry!
  13. Meme roundup: funny/lighthearted memes about working from home during the pandemic
  14. Member spotlight: Interviews with members to share their unique perspective on the pandemic/ modern work-life.  
  15. Diversity and Inclusion topics: How does your Association work to create a more inclusive culture?

Chances are, your creative juices are now flowing freely! Please feel free to take this list back to your teams and let it become the starting point for a content brainstorm! For more helpful content for moving your association’s digital goals forward, sign up to join our digital content initaitive - we'll send inspirational content to spur digital transformation straight to your inbox!