Finding new and exciting ways to engage with members is difficult. You’re constantly looking for new and improved ways to find value in your community while keeping up with preferences and behaviors of all demographics in your member set in a digital-first world.  Add a global pandemic to the mix, and the idea of finding new ways to bring engaging, digital-first experiences to members seems almost insurmountable. 

digitalNow attendees will discuss cutting-edge strategies for surprising and delighting their members in a digital-first world. If you’d like to be part of that conversation, click here to sign up for our conference in December.

If attending our session isn’t in the cards for you this year, read on for a few ideas for creating engaging, digital-first member experiences in a time when digital interaction is the only interaction associations are likely having with their members. 

Digital Match-Making Networking Events 

In-person events can’t happen right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create exciting networking experiences for your members! When it comes to digital connection, focused, well-guided interactions are key.

 Instead of setting up an association- wide video-chat networking event and inviting all your members, try segmenting members into smaller groups based on interests and behaviors for more focused networking sessions. Send a suggested set of conversation topics and limit the video-chat to 30 minutes so your members don’t feel captive to a never-ending video chat. After the experiment, be sure to follow up with your members to see what they liked/disliked about the experience! For further reading on digital neworking events, click here. 

Take Credit for your Efforts

Is your association going above and beyond on advocacy efforts for your  industry during this difficult time? Maybe you’ve launched new lobbying programs, or you’ve created a network of resources to help your members navigate the new normal associated with COVID-19.

If so, come up with a digital messaging strategy to take full credit for the amazing value you’ve created for your members during this difficult time. Lifelong loyalists are often created during times of hardship. Make sure your members feel supported and heard using digital-first messaging tactics. 

Up your Content Game

Diversification is the name of the game when it comes to delighting digital-first audiences. What kind of content is your association currently creating? What are your main distribution channels? If your strategy begins and ends at a newsletter full of long-form articles, it may be time to refresh your strategy.

Consider adding dynamic content types like video, audio, infographics, and even interactive content like career quizzes. When it’s time to share that content, think long and hard about how users behave on various channels. Behavior is very different in email than on social media. Your connect types across channels should match your member’s preferences for engaging with your content. 

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