In the wake of COVID-19, you may have noticed we’ve put our content where our name is. In short, we’re going above and beyond on our digital content strategy as we ramp up to our main event in December.
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Here’s what we’re doing to bring you the most value as we ramp up to the digitalNow conference on Dec.2-4:
    1. Bringing you more diverse content. We’re expanding our offerings to bring you digital content about key association concerns, delivered in a variety of channels. Prefer watching or listening over reading? That’s good, because we’re rolling out video, audio, interactive content, and more. You're currently reading this article on our new blog. While you're here, stay a while and poke around. We've got lots of great curated content to inspire digital transformation ideas and more!

    2. Personalizing your content experience. We’re committing to helping your association grow its digital strategy in the right direction. In service of this objective, we’re committed to sending you ONLY the most relevant content based on your goals and interests. To make sure your content experience is perfectly tailored, please fill out this quick form to let us know what you want to see!

    3. More Ways to Engage. If COVID-19 has you concerned about making the trip to Orlando for our event in December, never fear! Part of our initiative to bring you better digital content is to help you find value and learning opportunities with digitalNow even when the conference isn’t in session. Browse our site to check out some new ways to engage. Between new interactive content experiences and exclusive webinars and insider resources, you’ll be bringing new digital strategies to your association in no time!
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