Every association, evey function, every person is different… and different is GOOD! 

That is why digitalNow 2020 features 2 tracks of workshops on December 3rd with topics and cases identified in your survey responses as important to you. Bring your team, learn, and collaborate.

Confirmed Topics at our 2020 Conference


Sustainable Culture Change (When Everything Else is Changing Too)

Senior Executives from the Society for College and University Planning and the American College of Physicians will talk about how they actively managed the ongoing evolution of their cultures – both pre- and post-pandemic. Culture expert Jamie Notter will facilitate the interactive conversation about the challenges and opportunities the executives have faced as well as share insights from the field.

Digital Platform Business Design: Creating Non-Dues Revenue Ventures

Learn how to generate new revenue and value to your members by identifying unmet needs, zeroing in on your “opportunity focus zone,” and leveraging available technology to launch a platform business. The session combines digital innovation strategies with practical business startup tools. 

Translating Customer Commentary Into Renewals and Revenue: An AI-Based Text Analytics Case Study

The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses and its data partner, ORI, will present an evidence-based case study on how cutting-edge text analytics can be used to translate customer commentary into actionable insights, enabling quick response to reduce customer frustration, inform decision making for new and existing offerings, increase member retention, and position the association as an industry thought leader.

Mobilizing Community to Tackle Controversial Issues 

Find out how Association Chat uses technology to encourage action and inspire community while telling a story at the same time. If your association has ever wanted to understand how to mobilize its members in critical moments, this is a session you won’t want to miss.

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos: Persuasion and the People Side of Implementations

A key component to successful implementations is a strong relationship between IT, organization staff, consultants, and vendors that lasts the duration of the current project and is sustainable for all the issues post-launch. Discover how three women used their super powers in project management (Ethos), association management (Pathos), and education (Logic) to form alliances and build effective teams by putting people first in several implementation projects leading to greatly improved outcomes.

Aligning Culture and Brand with a Modern Value Proposition

This session will first discuss the Modern Value Proposition – what it is, how you develop it, and why it's the most critical piece in any marketing strategy. Attendees will then be led through a Corporate Identity Matrix (CIM) exercise that provides a clear, unified brand identity for communicating internally and externally. The CIM also provides culture alignment, value proposition, and key branding elements to be used in all creative. This alignment results in a greater commitment to the brand, sharper positioning in the marketplace, a stronger sense of belonging to the group, and more coherent marketing and communications.

Creating Sustaining Value for Members and Their Ecosystem

This session will explore how Cooperative Processing Resources' (CPR’s) journey is redefining its value proposition for its members in the face of ongoing disruption. CRP identified where the key issues and factors were impacting its members and how new and sustaining value needs to be provided. CRP then looked at the gaps and issues in its deliverables, business processes, and member experience. This provided the basis for creating a roadmap and execution plan to develop a strategic value proposition.

Strategic Knowledge Sharing Comes to The Forefront

The strategic importance of quickly being able to gather and disseminate information, tools, and knowledge has come to the forefront during the pandemic. The ability for association members to rapidly pivot successfully over the course of 2020 has hinged on the coordinated efforts to listen to needs, sift through data and knowledge from many sources, find practices worth repeating, create tools and resources, and distribute learnings throughout the member network. In this session, we’ll discuss how knowledge sharing and intentional networking are strategic tools in handling this crisis.

The 2020 Brand Experience (AM&P Partnership Program Session)

Through the eyes of Yumi Belanga, the Military Officers Association of America's (MOAA’s) Senior Director of Digital Programs, we explore the importance of mapping and analyzing the customer journey, building personas, driving connective digital content experiences, but most of all, phasing the work and your goals to manage the never-ending, ongoing marketing strategies that associations face today.

Decoding Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry: Standards Meets Digital at CSI

In this session, we will examine how the Construction Specifications Institute is advancing the science of standards and is creating a reliable non-dues revenue stream through the Construction Information Exchange (CIE). Utilizing APIs, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things, the CIE platform transforms existing standards and best practices into a digital collaboration platform for construction.

Leveraging Data and AI to Craft Personalized Experiences

Learn how membership organizations are using artificial intelligence (AI) to drive personalized experiences for their members and stakeholders. Explore examples of how associations empower members and other audiences to achieve their desired outcomes and guide them toward fulfilling the association's goals (such as renewals, event registrations, product purchases), through personalized experiences informed by data and user behavior. Discuss with fellow association executives strategies to effectively use data and artificial intelligence to tailor digital content to key audiences.

Cultivating Critical Wisdom for the 21st Century

Using an intentional approach, focusing on concepts rather than context, Minerva mapped 80 learning outcomes (habits of mind, foundational concepts) critical for leadership in the 21st Century. In this interactive session, we share this core set of habits of mind and mental models that leaders need to guide their organizations to thrive in a constantly-evolving environment. Focusing on systems thinking, behavioral science, and cutting-edge decision making and innovation techniques, participants will have the opportunity to identify practical applications of these models for their learning and development programs.

Getting ROI Ouf of AI: From COVID Screening to Customer Service

How should associations be thinking about implementing AI generally in their business and specifically address how AI can be used in customer service to reduce cost and drive non-membership revenue? This session will provide an interactive opportunity for the audience to experience AI chat in a live environment.

A (Digital) Recipe to Create New Value

While we are all being stimulated by the media hype of new technology capabilities and the buzz of “digital transformation” stories, some level of grounding is required to make sure that organizational strategic decisions are supported by appropriate capabilities that will enable both near- and longer-term execution. Perhaps the most core capability of an organization is its people and talent. This raises a strategic question of the “digital savvy” of your staff team. 

Virtualize and Monetize Your Expo Hall Year-Round

Discover how the largest provider of veterinary continuing education in the world is using cutting-edge virtual tradeshow technology to increase interaction between exhibitors and attendees on a year-round basis. You'll learn how this association is breaking new grounds in the industry and the impact it is creating for the tradeshow industry as a whole.


Convince Me: “FBI Hostage Negotiator and Communications Expert Reveals the Science of Moving to Agreement, Belief, or a New Course of Action"

Learn trade secrets and be trained in real-life simulations from an FBI hostage negotiator and a communication expert. Chip Massey, former FBI hostage negotiator, and Adele Cehrs, association and communications expert, have combined their strategic disciplines to create an innovative, one-of-a-kind masterclass designed to boost your powers of persuasion – and your ROI. 

Accelerating Change

From managing their association with spreadsheets and a server in the closet to becoming an efficient virtual association in just three years, hear how the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists made the leap from homegrown solutions, inefficient business processes, and a siloed environment to an organization ready to build value, align strategy, and innovate.

Evolving Membership Models: Inspiration from the Field

There’s been a lot of talk about subscription and tiered membership models in the association arena, but do they work? Mary Byers, CAE, author of Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations, shares examples of associations that have successfully changed their models, what was behind the change, and how you might be thinking about experimenting with your model.

The Transformative Power of Data

Data is the new currency. Most association leaders, however, struggle to understand and fully utilize it. In this presentation, .orgSource consultants will explore the questions you need to ask about the types of data you have, how you are using it, and how it drives business to advance your organization. By asking the right questions and acting on the insights gleaned from data, you'll learn more about your members, better understand how to create value, and gain access to the information you need to foster growth and innovation.

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