It’s time to attract the next generation. To create new digital value. To survive and GROW. Experience our Digital Showcase at digitalNow 2020 to learn what new digital tools other professions and industries are employing today to make the leap to digital-first operations.  

Live & On-Demand Virtual Events
JUNO, our digitalNow virtual platform sponsor, connects and engages your audience to your events, on-demand content, courses and everything in between.

Virtual reality to Enhance Therapy, Health Care, Wellness, and Fitness
Rendever is helping seniors overcome social isolation through slared virtual reality experiences. 

Audience intelligence for Digital-First Associations
The Hum platform is overlaid with your AMS, CMS, LMS and other systems to create fully integrated profiles and user journeys. Hum's data-driven insights power an integrated approach to engaging members, growing audiences and attracting sponsors.

Artificial Intelligence for Real Estate Development
Deep Blocks combines proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques to optimize the process of real estate development. Apply machine learning to enable cities to optimize decisions about where to build, what to build, and when to build.

Gesture Controlled Immersive Surfaces Signs, Displays and Games
GestureTek is the pioneer, patent-holder, and world leader in camera-enabled gesture-recognition technology for presentation and entertainment systems. The company's multi-patented Video Gesture Control technology (VGC) lets users control multimedia content, access information, manipulate special effects, and even immerse themselves in an interactive 3D virtual world simply by moving their hands or body. 

A Reliable, Adaptable, Digital Approach to Care-Giving
INF Robotics’s Rudy, the assistive robot from INF Robotics, wants to help the elderly, war veterans, and people with disabilities age in place.

Digital Personalities, Anytime, Anywhere
NuMedia Innovations integrates hologram, AI, AR, cloud computing, and natural language processing to enhance your products and services. Bring multi-level engagement through hologram technology into your conferences, education, and learning.

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