digitalNow’s NeXT Sessions help your association anticipate and get ahead of digital trends. Choose from 9 insightful NeXT Sessions sponsored by Cimatri:
  1. Publishing and Content Strategies That Inform and Engage Users – Where’s the Innovation?
    Will the current state of scholarly publishing, education, and content distribution stay centered in their current media lanes and innovations advance incrementally, or will there be disruption driven by users' need for just-in-time content and performance, data-driven segmentation, and media-driven delivery or other evolving game-changers? Hear from our panel of industry and professional experts.

  2.  Future of Workforce Development & Adult Learning
    Join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation in a discussion on how the business community is proactively managing their workforce needs while leveraging new and emerging data and technology to transform their talent pipelines. Highlighted initiatives include Talent Pipeline Management (TPM), the Job Data Exchange (JDX), the T3 Innovation Network, and Talent Finance.

  3. What’s Old is New: Product/Portfolio Management
    If there is a silver lining to crisis, it may be that it helps an organization to focus.  Yet as associations ponder and plan for what revenue and mission value will look like in the coming years, many still struggle to find the right starting point for optimizing their portfolio of programs, products and services.  The pressures to innovative, sustain growth and demonstrate progress towards mission outcomes are increasing.  And so-called zombie programs and sacred cows continue to abound, without a clear sense of which products and services should be fed and which should be put out to pasture. Failure to address product and service lifecycle can result in wasted resources, financial losses, frustrated staff, and a disappointed Board. And these issues are even more complex when one factors in the myriad ways work is delegated between Board and staff. Join us to explore how several associations navigate these complexities and the implications for strategy and brand.

  4.  Digital Evolution of Workforce Development
    How can professional associations help their industries achieve 21st-Century performance management with workforce approaches often rooted in the 20th Century? With technology continuing to emerge and change the professional development landscape, how can associations create an intentional and strategic learning portfolio for the communities they serve? Join Laura Shelters and Todd Slater with NIGP: The Institute of Public Procurement as they take attendees through their specific journey of reimagining the professional development landscape for public procurement professionals, and how a new methodology rooted in action-based competencies has propelled The Institute to the front lines of working with public entities and academics to solve the workforce development challenges facing the industry.

  5.  A Look Ahead: The Now and the Next of Learning and Technology
    Technology continues to advance rapidly, changing how we live and interact with the world around us. Today’s learning professionals face the challenge of staying ahead of this curve and tracking the technologies that are shaping the future of organizational learning, while at the same time recognizing technologies that may be more of a passing fad.

    In this interactive session, you will explore the changing face of the learning technology landscape. You will discuss the various technologies that have shifted the landscape of organizational learning. You will examine the common characteristics of these shifts so that you are better equipped to recognize which emerging technologies have the potential to disrupt organizational learning, as opposed to those that are just hype. You will leave this session better prepared to stay ahead of the evolving technology curve.

  6. Digital Transformation – Connecting the Dots to Execution
    Clarity of purpose is the central tenant to enable business results in the execution of digital strategies. In an environment of accelerated change, strategies and technologies must focus on speed, innovation, and digitalization (use of data). What is the right technology framework and management approach to support the execution of digital strategies? 
    Review key findings from Digital Transformation 2020 Research Survey and 4 case studies.

  7. Engagement and Emerging Technology for Your Members, Customers, and EcoSystem
    Whether the latest in Smart City, Wearables, Connected Vehicles, Games/Sims or AI, new technologies are changing the way we engage with our audience. Members are constantly online and engaged with social media, mobile devices, and more. Come see late-breaking technologies for engagement and results from real-world examples. How can you put this to use in your association?

  8. Creating vs. Reacting to A New Normal: Reimagine a Sustainable Future of Professional Education and Learning COVID-19

    Could the pandemic be a black swan moment for innovation in workplace learning? Whether it be in-person leadership programs, technical training, or onboarding, we have had months of disruption in most parts of the world. And when businesses return to “normal”, things will not just snap back to the old ways. After months of social engagement and technological immersion, workplace learners and business leaders will have a different standard with regard to how they want to engage and learn.

    The last months’ events underscore the need for business and society to be resilient and prepared for times of uncertainty. The pandemic could be an opportunity and an impetus for change, to catalyze the much-needed innovation. To build resilience for a future-proof L&D sector, and to form new and improved learning habits in your organization, we will discuss the various case studies of transforming in-person learning to online learning journeys, and the lessons learned and best practices blending synchronous immersive learning via a proprietary learning platform, asynchronous learning, in-the-workflow learning, coaching, and other components, and how to measure the business impact of learning programs.

  9. Guidance from the EIC APEX COVID-19 Business Recovery Task Force
    Join us for an overview of guidance from the EIC APEX COVID-19 Business Recovery Task Force meeting and event design, hotels, workforce and well-being and transportation working groups.

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