It’s likely that podcasts are at least on your radar (and if they’re not, they should be!) Podcasts are an increasingly popular form of content, and they’re becoming more mainstream every day. Especially for busy professionals, podcasts are an easy way to learn and stay up to speed. They’re an eyes-free, hands-free way to fit education and professional development content into very full schedules and are often consumed while commuting, walking the dog, ticking a chore or two off the task list, or getting some exercise. This makes podcasts especially relevant to professional associations striving to provide their members and audiences with the information they want, when and how they want it.

Not too long ago, podcasts were both expensive and difficult to produce. That’s changing. The rising popularity of podcasts has led to a proliferation of tools and platforms which put podcasts within reach of even the most resource-constrained association. 

Here’s a curated list to get you started. Your association could be producing your very own podcast - or finding other creative ways to leverage the medium - in no time!


Anchor is an all-in-one platform where you can create, distribute, and monetize your podcast from any device, for free. Anchor powers more of the world’s podcasts than any other platform and can be a good way to test the waters, if you’re not yet sure you want to commit to podcasting.


Castos provides podcast hosting and a whole lot more. Editing services, built in transcriptions, and numerous integrations (including a WordPress plugin) make Castos a solid choice when you’re ready to take your podcasting to the next level - especially if your association’s website is on WordPress.

For help with audio editing - and if you’ve listened to many podcasts, you know how important quality editing is! - consider Podcast Motor, Podigy, Pro Podcast Solutions, or The Podcast Creative. There are plenty more options out there, but these come recommended.   


If you plan to monetize your podcast content, check out Chartable. Chartable aggregates charts from Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher across every genre and every country around the world so that it can provide podcast analytics and attribution for publishers and advertisers with IAB-certified industry-leading accuracy. 

Pandora for Podcasters

Pandora for Podcasters is designed to help podcast creators reach larger audiences. Boasting “Pandora’s Podcast Genome” as a feature to drive discovery, Pandora for Podcasters promises to help you not only reach more people, but also drive revenue in new ways.

Spotify for Podcasters

Similarly, Spotify for Podcasters was created to make it easier for millions of people to find and listen to the podcasts you create. Get your show on Spotify, and see key analytics like listening time, number of listeners and episode streams. This gives you the data you need to help you understand and grow your audience.

Listen Notes

If you’re not quite ready to develop a podcast of your own, one way to start experimenting with audio is by creating and sharing playlists. You can do this through Spotify (this isn’t quite the same thing as Spotify for Podcasters mentioned above) or check out Listen Notes. Listen Notes represents itself as The Best Podcast Search Engine™ - but from an association’s point of view, one of the most valuable features of Listen Notes may be the ability to create and share playlists which can be listened to on the web or through any preferred podcast app. (Remember - give users what they want, where and how they want it!) Consider using one of these platforms to curate collections of audio content - either specific episodes or entire podcasts - in order to provide your members with an efficient educational experience created by you, for them.

As noted at the outset, podcasts are not going away, and they represent a tremendous opportunity for your association. It’s worth taking the time to familiarize yourself and/or your team with the possibilities afforded by the tools, technologies, and services in the podcast ecosystem. Start working audio into your content strategy; your members and audiences will thank you in the most sincere way possible - engagement!

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