So, COVID-19 is under control in your state, and you’re starting to think about what a return to the office might look like. These are unprecedented times and the last thing you want to do is bring staffers back before you’re fully prepared to keep everyone safe. We like to think we’re pretty smart, but we’re no health experts. So, instead of sharing our assessment of how you might plan before bringing teams back to the office, we’ve compiled some resources, data, and interesting thought pieces from health experts and leaders across industries.

Read on for a few must-reads before you form your action plan for bringing staffers back into the office.

Recommendations by Health Experts

CDC: COVID-19 Employer Information for Office Buildings

A quick guide from the Center of Disease Control. Is your building compliant with their stipulations for returning the office?

CNBC: How to Stay Healthy When You Return to Work

CNBC interviews Dr. Iahn Gonsenhauser, chief quality and patient safety officer at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, for some recommendations on staying safe and healthy at the office.

New England Journal of Medicine: The Challenges of Returning to Work

NJEM addresses concerns across a wide array of operational touchpoints to help you prepare for teams of all types returning to work. 


Approaches By and For Associations Nationwide 

AHIA : Back to Work Safely 

Organized by the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors, this treasure trove of resources was specifically designed to help employers navigate bringing teams back into the office, with helpful reads organized by industry. 

ASAE: How to Prepare for Reopening your Office

ASAE’S Associations Now blog recommends methods for testing environments that may be suitable to your employees. 

NSC: SAFER Taskforce Guidelines for Returning to Work

A collection or resources organized by the National Security Council in collaboration with various nonprofits, associations, and for-profit businesses. 

ASAE Research Foundation: COVID-19 Impact Snapshot

ASAE collects regular research to illustrate the impact of the pandemic on association models across industries. This snapshot represents the most recent collection of Data from June 2020.  

What Leaders Across Industries are Considering

PWC: What Boards Should be Thinking About

PricewaterhouseCoopers answers important top-level questions about bringing staff back into the office such as “how can we put safety first” and “who do we bring back, and when?”

McKinsey & Company: Reimagining the Office and Work

A research-based look at what we might expect from a return to the office post-pandemic.

Forbes: Will We Return to the Office?

Forbes poses an important question: the time may come when we can return to the office, but should we? 

New York Times: The End of the Open Floor Plan

In recent years, many companies have embraced the benefits of open sharing of information and creativity stimulated by open floor plans. Returning to work post-COVID may signal the end of this trend in modern workplaces. 

There you have it - a bundle of excellent resources to help guide your office reopening. The bottom line is that there’s no sweeping, one-size-fits-all guide for bringing your employees back to the office. No matter your strategy, it must be marked by flexibility, with the understanding that the health and safety of each individual in your office always remains your top priority. 

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