In light of the global pandemic, digitalNow 2020 is going totally digital this year. We know many of our attendees look forward to our annual meeting of the minds all year long and  may be a little wary of a virtual event. Don't worry! We're planning to make this event our best one yet! For 20 years, digitalNow has kept your association ahead of the curve by sharing the latest and gratest trends and forecasts in digital transformation. This year certainly won't be an exception. It's quickly becoming clear that digital events aren't going anywhere, and we'll not only touch on the best practices and platforms for creating wow-worthy, digital-first member experiences, we'll also be bringing those practices to life throughout the course of our 2020 conference. 

First and foremost, our teams are committed to bringing you rich digital experiences, information and action plans. In the past we've held multiple smaller events throughout the year as we gear up towards the annual conference, and we'll continue that tradition in a digital setting. Additionally, we've created a bank of rich content experiences to help you and your teams stay up to date on the latest news, technology, strategies and tactics surrounding digital innovation. You can browse curated content for your association, and click here to get tailored recommendations and ideas sent directly to your inbox. 

So without further ado, here are some broad strokes outlining what to expect at digitalNow 2020 on December 2-4; stay tuned for more specific session details! 

Each year, digitalNow programming revolves around a few key sessions: daily keynote talks including a Q&A panel, topic-driven NEXT sessions, in-depth workshops and a digital showcase. All of these beloved sessions will be part of our 2020 program, but we'll be organized slightly differently. All sessions will be recorded and available for re-visiting after the conference. So, if you can't attend a session or you want to attend multiple sessions that occur during the same time frame, you needn't miss out! And, as always, digitalNow sessions will count towards annual CAE continued education credits; in our  digital-first environment, you can accumulate your annual credits without ever leaving your living room!

Keynote Speakers

Each day, we'll begin with a virtual session featuring a keynote speaker. Immediately following each keynote, a panel of CEOs will interview the speaker to dive deeper into key topics and takeaways. We like to call these collaboration sessions. If you'd like to contribute to collaboration session Q&A topics, you'll have the opportunity to submit questions to moderators before and during the event. 

Wisdom Exchanges

There will also be wisdom exchanges analyzing how the most transformative leaders have successfully navigated change, including an insider perspective on what the next 12-18 months will look like for the events industry. These Q&A style panel sessions will be organized in time blocks with separate virtual meeting rooms so attendees can decide which topics are of most interest. Of course, if there are multiple you'd like to attend, you can always revisit the recordings of other sessions later. 

NEXT Sessions

Each year our future-casting NEXT sessions are among our most popular.  Attendees can tune in to eight digital NEXT  sessions that take serious, in-depth looks at topics important to associations who are trailblazing in their industries. Expect to learn about topics like the future of publishing, the future of adult learning, product lifecycle management, etc. 

Digital Workshops

Additionally, there will be 20+ digital workshops available with interactive Q&A sessions. These are skill-building sessions with topics appealing to leaders and general staffers alike. With our digital-first environment, digitalNow is more accessible than ever before, and we'll have programming to appeal to association team members and stakeholders alike.

Digital Showcase

Our Digital Showcase is a peek at what is happening on the edges of various industries and professions that could impact or be adopted by your association in the near future. This year's technology includes AI, AR, VR, Machine Learning, Gamification, Telehealth, Reminiscence Therapy, Virtual Event Platforms, Analytics, Integration Solutions, Robotics, Mobile, and more!

We're packing digitalNow 2020 with value in honor of our 20th anniversary and we can't wait to share this groundbreaking digital-first experience with you. Click here to register yourself and/or multiple members of your team for digitalNow 2020 on December 2-4.