digitalNow 2020 Call for Presentations

We are now accepting submissions from association executives for workshop proposals for digitalNow 2020.


Submission deadline: december 5, 2019.

To participate, please review the presentation topics ideas below.  When you are ready you may create your proposal by selecting the Create Proposal Now button.

Each prospective speaker/presenter will need to submit a presentation proposal.

Proposals will be reviewed on a first-in/first-out basis. Proposals will be assessed based on the content of your session description and learning outcomes, your skill in framing its applicability to the association sector, and your position as a subject matter expert. If your proposal is accepted, you will be invited to complete a speaker registration. In the event that your proposal is not accepted, you may complete your registration as a non-presenting attendee provided you meet the eligibility requirements for attendance.


What is digitalNow?

digitalNow is an annual leadership summit for association executives.
Entering its 20th year, digitalNow has a history of delivering next-generation presentations (thought leadership) to help chief executives: lead in the digital age; cut through the clutter; drive growth; gain stakeholders, members, and constituencies; and inspire innovative methods, strategic planning, processes, execution and implementation

Presentation Topic Ideas

·    AI-driven business models (infrastructure and applications)
  ·    Augmented analytics and prescriptive analysis
  ·    Future of engagement
  ·    The role of our association in shaping the profession/industry in an age of constant disruption and change
  ·    Aligning culture, strategy, leadership,  value models, and operational excellence to execute
  ·    Using digital/new media and channels for marketing, engagement, and branding
  ·    Employing innovations in learning and education
  ·    Innovating publications and content distribution
  ·    Delivering value to a multi-disciplinary, demographic, and generational constituency
  ·    Driving innovation and agility in association, profession, or industry
  ·    Creating a digital transformation and execution strategy
  ·    Implementing change management
  ·    Next-generation integration of content, learning assets, publishing, and media
  ·    Next-generation association and data management tools and platforms
  ·    Chatbots and AI
  ·    Content curation platforms
  ·    Deployable Immersive  experiences AR/VR
  ·    Autonomous Integration with AI 

How does speaking at digitalNow benefit me?

As a digitalNow presenter you:
•gain access to a platform for presenting leadership research, theories and trends;
•receive recognition as an expert among association executives;
•extend your professional network and client opportunities; and
•enjoy the prestige that comes from contributing content to the premier summit for association leaders.

If you are an experienced executive and/or expert with proven research that can help members of the digitalNow community understand and address any of the topics discussed in the digitalNow 2018 content focus document, we would like to hear your story and learn how executives can benefit from your knowledge at digitalNow 2018.

Please note that digitalNow is a summit that supports and promotes association leadership in the digital age; it is NOT a technology, managerial, motivational, or sales conference. The content of your submission must be relevant to executive-level association leaders and/or their leadership teams.

When does the submission process begin?

We will begin reviewing proposals as they are submitted. Proposals are reviewed on a first-in/first-out basis.

How many submissions do you accept?

We have a limited number of slots available. We urge you to submit early and to be thorough about fully developing your ideas and ensuring that they meet the content requirements outlined on this page.

How are the submissions structured?

Each submission must provide:
•a title
•a description
•two or three discrete learning outcomes, and a statement about who the session is intended to help, and in what way(s).

We suggest you outline a working proposal in the template offered and then copy and paste your working content into your submission form.

Where can I view a sample of a good session description?


Title: Developing a data driven culture

About this Session: Organizations must leverage both internal and external data sources effectively to meet the needs of its customers and establish a data driven culture. This session will explore ISA's journey to implement a comprehensive technology infrastructure, to identify and utilize market data sources and to establish a culture of data based decision making.The primary emphasis of the session will be on the lessons learned in facilitating access to internal data, evaluating and correlating external data and driving a culture of data based decision making throughout the organization.

Learning outcomes:
• Accessing internal data efficiently
• Identifying and leveraging external data sources
• Encouraging a culture of data based decision making

Who should attend this session? CEO, CTOs and product managers who are charged with developing a strategy based on data.

How many times may I submit?

You may submit as many times as you'd like, but you will need to create a new submission for each proposed session.

What happens once I submit my proposal?

Once you have submitted your proposal, it will go into a review process. If your proposal is accepted, we will contact you with instructions on registering for digitalNow as a Conference Speaker. We may ask you to modify, expand, or otherwise clarify your submission, in which case, we may ask you to sumbit an updated proposal.

If your proposal is not accepted but you meet the eligibility requirements to attend digitalNow, you may register as an attendee at that time.

I am presenting as part of a team. Do we each need to submit?

One person from each team should submit a single proposal for that session. The person who submits the proposal will be the one we communicate with. The person submitting must provide the names, titles, credentials, and emails for all members of the presentation team.