Conference Overview

The digitalNow conference is a three-day event focused on helping association leaders reinvent the relevance of their organizations in the context of a digital world.
On Day 1, leaders will assess the core value proposition of their association. How is the world changing for their members? How is the ecosystem changing? What does this mean for the organization? The opening keynote will look at critical trends and their implications for associations.
On Day 2, we’ll examine the key strategies necessary for taking advantage of the trends and delivering on the value propositions articulated on Day 1.
On Day 3, we explore the structure required to implement the strategies outlined on Day 2. What are the technologies, people, and processes required to be successful?
Each day, keynotes will be followed by collaboration sessions featuring the keynote speaker engaging with a panel of association CEOs.
There will also be wisdom exchanges analyzing how the most transformative leaders have successfully navigated change, including an insider perspective on what the next 12-18 months will look like for the events industry.
A series of 8 NeXT sessions will take serious, in-depth looks at topics important to associations, such as the future of publishing, the future of adult learning, product lifecycle management, etc.
We’ll have
20+ workshops with interactive Q&A sessions.
Finally, a digital showcase is a peek at what is happening on the edges of various industries and professions that could impact or be adopted by your association in the near future.
All sessions will be recorded and available for 120 days after the event, so no need to pick and choose what to attend - you’ll be able to view it all.

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