Toby Cappello

Vice President of Expert and Delivery Services for IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

Day Two of digitalNow will open with a provocative presentation by Toby and a discussion of the many use cases for AI within your professions and how they are transforming your industry - today!

You cannot miss this rare opportunity to learn and discuss AI with Toby. We urge you: Bring your senior team, bring a key volunteer leader. Just don’t miss this.

you: Bring your senior team, bring a key volunteer leader. Just don’t miss this.

We know that after you hear Toby you will be filled with more questions than ever before. Not to worry. We’ve got the experts who’ve got the answers.

Mellie Price

Executive Director of Commercialization at the Dell Medical School.

Mellie is an experienced investor, fund manager, technologist, and eight-time entrepreneur. She will share how she uses partners, networks, culture, and execution to address your most critical questions.

Mellie personifies the term, “co-innovation” by bringing progressive minds and cutting-edge technology together in all of her ventures.

With a legendary track record for success, Mellie has created and managed both organic and explosive growth scenarios for a variety of organizations and is passionate about leveraging that experience to help transform healthcare.

John Fremont

Artificial Intelligence Lead, Accenture/Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, HyperGiant

John’s vast experience includes Chaotic Moon, Accenture and now HyperGiant. He has worked with organizations such as Starbucks, HarperCollins Publishers, Shlumberger, Bosch, News Corp, Microsoft, and Discovery Channel.

John answers your most pressing questions as he presents how your association’s strategy must change. Equipped with the knowledge John will share, organizations can start to identify and leverage new opportunities that simply weren’t possible to see before.

To quote John, “If you don't do that right now, in a few years from now you're probably going to be left behind.”


whurley,Apple R&D, IBM Master Inventor

With a powerful foundation in place, immediately following David Rogers’ presentation, participants will hear from William Hurley, also known as “whurley.”

whurley is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, author, and “digital citizen.” whurley has been using systems theory and open source to create innovative technologies his entire career. He believes that leveraging technology to solve our problems, not just as consumers but as citizens, is the most exciting and noble challenge we face.

whurley will be joining digitalNow to talk about how he has re-envisioned technology and how it can serve society. whurley will share the work he’s done across a variety of social issues to remove hurdles and biases. He will challenge digitalNow attendees to think differently about how technology can serve society better by empowering us to not only demand a better future, but to build it.

David Rogers, Researcher and Author

The digitalNow 2018 opening keynote is David Rogers, researcher and author of “The Digital Transformation Playbook: Rethink your business for the digital age." David will discuss how digital transformation is really not about technology. Rather than being about upgrading your IT, it's about upgrading your strategic thinking. Technology itself is a tool. When leaders can marry technology with a new way of thinking that challenges their assumptions and asks the right questions, they are in the position to facilitate true digital transformation.

As part of his presentation, David will present the five organizational domains through which transformation takes place, and what the key concepts are in each one that enable change within that domain.



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DaVinci Session:

The intersection of ideas

Following whurley’s presentation, the community will participate in a panel discussion moderated by Matt Loeb, CAE CEO, ISACA. Panelists include keynote David Rogers, whurley, Christine McEntee, Executive Director/CEO American Geophysical Union, and more. These leaders will explore the synthesis of David Rogers’ framework, the examples demonstrated by whurley, and the applicability to today’s association.


A digitalNow first, a NeXt session will be presented twice each day.

In this innovative session you can enjoy any one (or all!) of three rapid-fire 20-minute sessions, running in succession. You may also choose during this time to visit the Tech Pods in the Fusion e.comm.unity Resource Center to receive a hands-on demo with some of the hottest technology innovators coming out of Austin's Capital Factory, and from members of the digitalNow Technology Showcase.

Select thought leaders and technology innovators will be available in the Collaboration Lounge to have small group conversations with leaders who want to take the conversation about their digital transformation to the NeXT level. Details about individual sessions and speakers coming soon!


The coolest stuff

you’ve never heard of


digitalNow is dedicated to bringing you the hottest, edgiest, most intriguing innovations out there through our famous Technology Showcase. This year we are thrilled to be in the City of Austin, Texas, the #1 Tech City in the world, and home of Capital Factory a revolutionary new collaboration among developers, customers, investors, mentors, students, and job candidates. Select Capital Factory entrepreneurs will also be on site to conduct hands-on technology demos.

Hear from these cutting-edge innovators about what they’ve developed and how your life and the work of your association may be affected.

  Quantum Interface:    Bye bye, keyboards; Hello touchless interface.

Quantum Interface:

Bye bye, keyboards; Hello touchless interface.

  Unaliwear:    Personal medical devices meet global positioning technology. It's “OnStar for People”.


Personal medical devices meet global positioning technology. It's “OnStar for People”.

  Astral AR:    Integrated AI, drone, sensor technology, predictive behavior, and holographically immersive AR brain-flown systems to solve difficult problems.

Astral AR:

Integrated AI, drone, sensor technology, predictive behavior, and holographically immersive AR brain-flown systems to solve difficult problems.    Delivers personalization in your association marketing

Delivers personalization in your association marketing

  Viewer Ready:    Re-imagine how your association can engage members through VR and AR gaming content.

Viewer Ready:

Re-imagine how your association can engage members through VR and AR gaming content.

  • Be among the first to see new research to benchmark against other associations through our proprietary Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment
  • Identify how others are using data and analytics to achieve digital transformation

  • Learn from actual association case studies from CEOs of ISACA, SAE, PMI, and more

  • Understand the CEO role in leading digital transformation as an established association

  • Engage around the right questions with your peers regarding talent, digital integrity, robust data strategy, culture change, governance, leadership, and workforce



Allison Hartsoe

Discover the innovative Member/Customer Equity Analytics tool and checklists from Allison Hartsoe, Founder & CEO of Ambition Data

Anh Phillips

Collaborate with world-renowned thought leaders such as Anh Phillips, Digital Transformation Research Lead, Deloitte Center for Integrated Research, who will lead off with her presentation, Achieving Digital Transformation: Culture, Talent, and Learning

- WITH -


Senior Executive Consultant


President & CEO, Project Management Institute




Other Hot topics:

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  • Has your board asked you about blockchain yet? Get straight answers and understand its value in digital transformation from one the pioneers in FinTech.
  • Digital Publishing & Learning Renaissance: Integrating machines, learning, data, and AI  
  • Microlearning: Hear from publishing pioneers and association leaders
  • Beyond Membership: Using AI and innovative models to capture a larger share of the market
  • Goodbye Seat Time: Hello competency-based education and digital credentials


  • Digital Badging and Micro-Credentialing - Connecting the Lifelong Learning
  • Assessing Digital Transformation Readiness. Where is your association on the readiness spectrum?
  • Rise of Machine Learning and its Application to Pricing and Predictive Analytics, with Professor Jose Mendoza, DBA, Marketing,Sacred Heart University
  • The Anticipatory Association: What is the number 1 reason organizations and leaders fail? with Tom Hood, CEO, Maryland Association of CPAs:
  • Designing for Competency Based Education- What, Why & How