You said you need to know how...

  • AI will Impact our members, industry, and your mission

  • Emerging technologies will change the face of your association

  • How to assess and prioritize your association’s digital transformation

  • How your executive team can lead in this turbulent ever-changing digital age

Our work continues (so keep checking back), but here are the program highlights as of March 3rd, 2019



Open our minds and imaginations as we explore how new technology can help elevate our association and our mission and solve problems for our members/constituents in ways never imagined.

Keynote Presentation: “Moonshots of the Intelligent Age”

Dr. Radhika Dirks, CEO & Co-Founder – XLabs

will discuss the power of AI, where it is today, where is it going, and how associations can look at purposeful moonshots to advance their mission.


Jon Bloom, Google's Conversational Designer talks about Your Brand In the Age of Conversational Interfaces

The Future of Engagement is on at digitalNow '19

Does your association strategy include learning, face-to-face events, member care, and engagement? Are you struggling to engage millennials or members at the local level? Are the sources for professional or industry related news overwhelming your traditional newsletters?

If you can relate to those challenges, you and your senior team need to attend the Future of Engagement. You will learn, experience, and collaborate with eight (practical) innovations that will change the way you deliver your programs, information, and services.


Artificial Intelligence Newsletters


Next-Generation Virtual World


Facial Recognition Software and Behavioral Feedback


Mobile App Engagement


Event Chatbots


3D Holographics, IOT, and Wearables


Virtual Reality Learning and Training


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


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Monday Tech Showcase Awards:

Features CEOs and founders of technologies that are entering the market and that will influence your members and your association.

Get the background on “what’s next” before your Boards and volunteers ask you! In the past, we introduced Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Evernote, and wearables. Who among this group is the next brand name?


Pandorabots provides intelligent chatbots that engage with customers and members on the channels they prefer (mobile, social, web), enabling two-way communications at scale.


“System as a service” which enables Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to reshape domestic and global transportation, agriculture, public safety departments, emergency service providers, construction, and other industries.


Uses geolocation and social networks to ignite new relationships by connecting people through mutual friends. Taking conferences and tradeshows to the next level of engagement.


AI elder care technology platform to continuously observe, learn, and trigger just-in-time, high-quality care for seniors. In tandem with remote intelligent wearable sensors, provides multilingual dashboards to provide preventative, person-centered senior care.



We have imagined where we need to go, but how do we get there? Let’s talk about your operational digital backbone. Let’s talk and determine what we need to invest and build. Let’s spend the day focused on strategy!

Keynote Presentation: Designing for Digital

Jeanne Ross, Principle Research Scientist, MIT/Author

Jumping off from where Radhika Dirks left us Monday on what is our vision and moonshot, Jeanne will address:

  • What is our strategic driver? (customer engagement, digital solutions) (choose a strategic driver)

  • Assessing where your digital capabilities are (operational backbone and digital services platform)

  • And how you architect for true digital transformation (speed and innovation are the key)


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Presentation Highlights


Mario Vinasco, Data Science and Optimization Manager

“In the age of the customer, how digital marketing, data science, & AI drives value in retention, acquisition, and engagement”


Caroline Hubbard, Head of External Partnerships Black Inclusion and Product Growth Team presents “Engage, Collaborate, and Retain Millennials and Gen Z in a New World of Membership”

United Way Worldwide’s Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Lisa Bowman presents “Sustainable Philanthropy: Transforming for the Future”

Diane Magers, CEO – Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) presents “The Art and Science of Digital Engagement...The User Experience”

Harvard Business Review

Carrie E. Bourke, Director, Customer Analytics & Insights presents “Harvard Business Review’s Adoption of a Digital Data Ecosystem ”

MPA - The Association of Magazine Media

Linda Thomas Brooks, President & CEO, presents “The Future of Print and Magazine Media in the Digital Age”

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stay with us till noon

We explored mission and value. We engaged in the strategy to get us there. So let’s pull this all together. Wednesday is all about your leadership – creating the right environment and culture at your association. This is the most important day, so plan on being with us til noon.

Keynote Presentation: Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Special guest Hal Gregersen, Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center, recognized as one of the world’s 50 most innovative minds, author and co-author of ten books including The Innovator’s DNA, co-authored with Jeff Dyer and Clayton Christensen.

The Leadership Lab, hosted and lead by Arlene Pietranton, PhD, CAE CEO, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and Association Trends’ Association Executive of the Year, brings together thought leaders that will help you, your volunteer leaders, and staff guide your association into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  1. Hal Gregersen, Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center, recognized as one of the world’s 50 most innovative minds. Guided by his research of over 200 organizations, Hal has helped Fortune 500 organizations to master the challenges of innovation and change.

  2. An interactive session to identify key strategic and operational questions to ask your board, volunteer leaders, and staff. Program participants include:

    • Abe Eshkenazi CSCP, FACHE, CPA, CAE, CEO – Association for Supply Chain Management

    • Raquel Tamez, CEO – Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

    • Richard Yep, CAE, FASAE, CEO – American Counseling Association

  3. Janice Lachance JD, FASAE, Executive Vice President, Strategic and Organizational Excellence  at the American Geophysical Union will share key questions, attributes, and lessons learned in creating the role of its digital leader.

  4. You will also have access to the 2019 Digital Transformation Benchmark Research preliminary report of over 20 associations going through a digital transformation. We'll explore their approach to digital transformation, key metrics, and proven strategies.

  5. Tom Hood, Executive Director, CEO – Maryland Association of CPA will help close the Leadership Lab by leading us through his presentation, “Understand What Matters and How Leaders Set Priorities to Take Back to Staff and Board”

    Thanks to our sponsor, Fonteva, at the end of the Wednesday’s programming (noon) each attendee will receive Hal’s most recent book launched this past November, Questions Are the Answer: A Breakthrough Approach to Your Most Vexing Problems at Work and in Life.

(Sorry you must attend the Leadership Lab to receive a book)


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for digitalNow 2019