Open Letter to Association Executives


From : Paul Pomerantz, Christine McEntee, Richard Yep, Christie Tarantino, David Schutt, Matt Loeb, Peggy Winton, Michelle Mason, Mark Langley, Matt Loeb, and Tom Hood.


Dear Association Executive:

We have  grown our organizations over the generations, made the transformation from agriculture to manufacturing, to service, and to the Internet.

Today, we stand at the edge of a new era, at the edge of relevance, the edge of problem-solving, where old solutions to old problems are replaced by everyday technology that sits in the hands of anyone - even our children - not to mention our members and unknown competitors.

We also stand at the edge of competence as old tools and capabilities go the way of the buggy whip and the typewriter.

How do you stay on top of these changes? How do you know where to invest?  How do you monetize new technology solutions to replace those that will surely and quickly disappear?

Will you make the transformation to AI, robotics, and VR? Do you know how to lead your organization there?

We are members of the digitalNow community. We are here for you because we believe in the role of associations. We believe we can change the world and advance our industries and professions through education, information, and the development of new solutions to solve both old and new problems.

We are preparing to converge again because we recognize that this is a critical time for all of us who lead associations. We are bringing together people who created this new technology, the greatest minds in strategy, researchers, and organizational transformation experts to collaborate with us, to ensure the future vitality of our associations.

Never before has such a forum been available at a cost that has been so deeply subsidized in consideration of our unique budgetary constraints.

Don’t miss this most important two-and-a-half days at digitalNow, hosted by the amazing city of Austin, Texas. This is our opportunity to plan the future of our associations, and to tap into the experience and knowledge of our very intimate community of 250 C-level leaders. We build networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing into every session to make sure we all have access to the people who have the information we need.

We will be at digitalNow, rolling up our sleeves, learning from the world’s top experts, and collaborating with the brightest minds in association leadership and digital transformation.


We hope you’ll join us!


Among the experts we will collaborate with are:

  • Author and Researcher David Rogers, who will  provide the business association framework to transformation

  • whurley, Author, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Digital Citizen Apple R&D, IBM Master Inventor.

  • Toby Cappello, VP IBM Watson.

  • John Fremont, Managing Director,  Accenture AI; Executive, Chaotic Moon, CoFounder, HyperGiant.

  • Mellie Price, Dell Medical School and CoFounder, Capital Factory.

  • Amir Husain, Entrepreneur of the Year,  Founder & CEO of SparkCognition, Inc. an award-winning Machine Learning/AI driven Cognitive Analytics Company

  • Allison Hartsoe, CEO, Ambition Data

  • Anh Phillips, Digital Transformation Research Lead, Deloitte Center for Integrated Research

  • Tom Loughlin, Matt Loeb, David Schutt, Mark Langley, Peggy Winton, Tom Hood, esteemed members of the digitalNow Advisory Group.

  • Tracy Petrillo CEO, AIHM, Chair CAE Commission

  • Donna Walker, Director, IBM Training & Skills

  • Jonathan Finkelstein, President & CEO, Credly

  • Natasha Jankowski, Director, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

  • Ellen Moore, Advisor, Digital Transformation Readiness Task Force and Past Chief Education Officer, AAOS

  • Kevin A. Reinis, President & CEO, Quantum Interface

  • Jean Anne Booth, CEO, UnaliWear and Serial Entrepreneur.

  • Gil Allouche, Founder,

  • CEOs of innovative companies such as ViewerReady and Astral AR complete with hands-on demos and one-on-one Q&A.

Learn more about digitalNow program highlights.

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