#digitalNow2019 livestream schedule

We will be live streaming the following sessions this year at digitalNow2019, be sure to follow us on facebook to stay informed on all of our sessions.

In General Session Area in Valencia Ballroom

  • Day One Opening Session   “Leading by Value & Innovation in the Digital Age”

  • “Moonshots of the Intelligent Age”

  • Resource Center Partner Recognition

  • Collaboration Session

  • Super Session I “The Future-Ready Association Leader – Leading with Strategic Foresight”

  • NeXT  Session 2  “Future of Engagement”

  • Super Session II  SIMCITA, Virtual Reality Platform: Virtual Conference/Association

  • NeXT Session 3  “Future of Adult Learning”

  • Technology Showcase

  • Day Two Opening Session   “Strategy in the Digital Age”

  • “Designed for Digital”

  • Collaboration Session

  • NeXT Session 5  “Sustainable Philanthropy: Transforming for the Future”

  • NeXT Session 7  “Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict, & Courage”

  • Day Three Opening Session    “People, Process, and Structure for the Digital Age“

  • “Questions are the Answer”

  • Leadership Lab: Executive Exchange

  • Leadership Lab: Change Agency

  • Leadership Lab: Priorities & Strategies

  • Conference Close

In 414D

  • NeXT  Session 1  “Your Brand in the Age of Conversational Interfaces”

  • NeXT  Session 4  “Future of Publishing...Product is the New Content”

  • NeXT Session 6  “The Art and Science of Digital Engagement... The User Experience”

  • “Pivot Point: Reshaping Your Business When It Matters Most”

  • “Engage, Collaborate, and Retaining Millennials and Gen Z in a New World of Membership”

  • NeXT Session 8 “Digital Pathways, Strategies, & Metrics in Advancing Digital Transformation”

  • "In the Age of the Customer, How Digital Marketing, Data Science, and AI Drives Value in Retention, Acquisition, and Engagement”

  • “Attract and Retain Millennials by Speaking Their Language (Voice)”

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