AI and VR and AR - Oh my!



You told us you wanted to hear about digital badging, micro credentialing, machine learning, data, security, AI, AR, VR… and more!


We heard you loud and clear

More than any other year, digitalNow 2018 will be showcasing the biggest and brightest technologies when we meet in Austin - the #1 Tech City in the world. Here’s an overview of the coolest stuff you’ve never seen:

  • Real-time, predictive experiences based on user intent and predictive, dynamic motion that enables you to move touchless through the world... some of the coolest technology we’ve seen is coming out of Quantum Interface (QI). Hear more from QI founders at digitalNow about what this could mean for associations.

  • How about a classically styled watch that features an easy-to-use speech interface to provide discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and protection against wandering? It’s been called “OnStar for people”. That’s what Unaliwear is bringing to the digitalNow tech party.

  • A sales lead pipeline runs three times faster using re-targeting, custom audiences, social media and search advertising. Imagine if you could sit back while your targeted expansion runs with intelligent marketing automation. It’s not a dream - it’s and they’ll be in the house too.

  • Do you know what the NBA and digitalNow have in common? They are both helping to bring ViewerReady and its use of AR/VR in gaming to the world. If you want to know more about delivering immersive experiences and contentin ways never done before through gaming, learning, and data visualization, then there’s no place like digitalNow for having a conversation with ViewerReady CEO J.J. Castillo.

  • What if we had the technology to eliminate loss of life during wildfires? Or complete search and rescue remotely? Or how about identifying and intercepting loaded firearms? No, it’s not science fiction; it’s Astral AR. You will want to hear what they say about problem solving and innovation.

And yet the most phenomenal thing about all this is not even the technology itself. It’s about the people who are using new capabilities provided by technology to solve some of society’s most difficult problems. These innovators are adding value in revolutionary ways, and they will be available to for up-close and personal demonstrations and conversations.

Only at digitalNow 2018.

There’s no place like Austin, Texas, May 7-9, at the Austin Fairmont.