an interview with whurley at digitalnow 2018



an interview at digitalNow 2018

Q: In 5 years, every organization will be using _____ technology?

A: That is such a tough question because everybody wants to talk about AI or blockchain. For me to answer that, I would have to understand the organization better. So, the advice I would give is that these organizations should look at the problems they’re facing, look at the potential solutions and look for trends in those solutions. For example, we heard someone earlier on stage talking about the importance of compliance. What are things that could affect the compliance? Maybe having a transparent ledger and having a blockchain in your organization where you were able to look and say, “okay, I know that whurley did this and this is when he did it, and here’s some data,” and maybe that’s valuable. Maybe having AI to look through files and say, “here are all the things that could be out of compliance,” is good. Maybe automation, which is really what AI is, there’s no intelligence there, it’s simply an automation tool, maybe automating things, is good. Each one of these is going to be different for every business. So, it’s kind of short-sighted to say “you should do the technology that I’m selling.” When the reality is, different technologies work for different companies. The reason these businesses don’t adopt new technology isn’t that they don’t want to, it isn’t because they’re slow, but rather some of these solutions aren’t good for some of these businesses and I think that time and time again, time is the fire in which these organizations burn.


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