Why pay thousands for a digital transformation consultant?


Leading Transformation

It's an inside job; digitalNow has the inside track


We've recently spearheaded original association research to gain insight into the Digital Transformation Readiness of today's association.

While 70% have started to embrace digital transformation as a business imperative, nearly 67% do not have a clear measurable digital strategy.
— A key finding from our research

This indicates that association executives understand how critical it is to lead their organizations through digital transformation, but they are not able to fully execute on a plan. That's why we are putting the blueprint together for you: to identify the who, what, where, when, and how of the process of digital transformation, particularly as it applies to the association sector - to YOUR organization.

We're not talking theory; we're showing you how to put it into practice

At digitalNow 2018 we are presenting several experts who will lay the ground work and set the context for you, helping you to position your strategy into the proper framework. Then, on Wednesday morning, we are presenting the Digital Transformation Lab. This is a working session where attendees will work in small groups to create solid actionable plans that each one can take home with them and begin to implement immediately.

The Digital Transformation Lab  is most powerful when experienced with key members of your implementation team.


How do you know who to bring?

  • Who evaluates your digital strategy?
  • Who is charged with monetization and innovations in e -learning, publishing, and membership?
  • Who is looking at the broader ecosystem, beyond your traditional partners and members to see where you can connect to solve problems?
  • Who is key to the cultivation of culture and the execution of new technologies?

Team rates are in effect

making it easier for you to bring one or two additional members of your senior team.


Learn more about the Digital Transformation Lab and the Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment (DTRA) and the team that contributed their expertise to the creation of the DTRA Tool that we'll be sharing only at digitalNow.

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