digitalNow and Austin, Texas: Paving the way for digital transformation

There is really no ‘digital age’ anymore; it is part and parcel of everything we do. Being digital is the new normal.
— Richard Yep, Executive Director of the American Counseling Association, and a long-standing member of the digitalNow Advisory Group


Digital transformation is a key indicator for the future success of any organization. According to a recent study published by Anh Nguyen Phillips of the Deloitte Center for Integrated Research, there are three competencies that are necessary to facilitate organizational digital transformation:

1. Digital must be at the core of the business
2. The business environment must enable digital maturity
3. Leadership and Commitment to the cause

How can associations know if they are appropriately engaged in their own transformation? And how can they tell where they are in the process and what the next steps are?

The digitalNow summit for association leaders and Visit Austin, Texas are two trusted, progressive brands that are joining forces at the forefront to lead the way for associations. They are doing this both by their example and by the educational opportunities they are offering to association leaders.


The transformation of Austin cites Austin as the #1 tech city in America, having created more tech-based jobs than any other American city – including San Francisco. Savill, a UK-based real estate conglomerate listed on the London Stock Exchange goes one step further, saying that Austin is the #1 tech city in the world.    

“Austin ranks as the world’s number one Tech City,” states Savill.  “IBM, Dell and AMD all have a long-established presence here, and today low taxes, favourable real estate costs and a strong entrepreneurial culture mean the Texan capital maintains a thriving and innovative start-up scene, with access to some of the world’s top talent.”

In fact, Austin’s lineup of major employers reads like a who’s who list of tech world masterminds and groundbreakers. The city is the full-time home to a rich mix of established industry leaders and startups, as well as the University of Texas at Austin – a top 100 public university with the groundbreaking Dell Medical School, which opened in June of 2016.

Austin knows transformation. The phenomenal growth they’ve seen doesn’t happen by chance, or in a vacuum. It is the result of a concerted effort to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and to welcome new technology for the opportunities it enables.

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