Leadership and Innovation

Co-Innovation: A Smart Approach to Reinventing Relevance with Mellie Price, Executive Director of Commercialization at The Dell Medical School, and Co-founder, Capital Factory.

Mellie is an experienced investor, fund manager, technologist, and eight-time entrepreneur. She will share how she uses partners, networks, culture, and execution to address your most critical questions. Mellie personifies the term “co-innovation” by bringing progressive minds and cutting-edge technology together in all of her ventures.


The Future of Business

with John Fremont, Artificial Intelligence Lead, Managing  Director, Accenture / Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, HyperGiant. 

John answers your most pressing questions as he presents how your association’s strategy must change. Equipped with the knowledge John will share, organizations can start to identify and leverage new opportunities that simply weren’t possible to see before.


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