digitalNow Resource Center Parnter Spotlight

Shining a light on the value you bring 

digitalNow Resource Center Partners are key to making it all happen. It is our mission to provide the greatest value possible to our partners by maximizing your visibility and optimizing your exposure. That's why we're introducing the digitalNow 2018 Resource Center Partner Spotlight. We'll be asking you about the unique value you bring and how your products and services are advancing the mission of our associations. The stories will be compiled into a feature article which will be distributed through the digitalNow web site, social media outlets, and to key industry publications.

All partners who are featured in the article will have the opportunity to review prior to publication.  

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The key elements that we've defined as competencies that enable digital transformation include: Digital Urgency, Digital Innovation, Digital Leadership, Talent, Culture, Customer Engaged/Informed, Data-Driven Decisions and Insights, Digital Features/Products and Services, Governance, and Operational Excellence.