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Reboot your Recertification Program: Engage lifelong learners to generate lifelong revenue

LIVE WEBINAR presented by

  • Ashish Rangnekar, CEO & Co-Founder, BenchPrep
  • Thomas Reilly, VP of Learning, CompTIA

About this session
Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative for professional associations and members alike. Recertification programs are perfectly suited to facilitate this shift toward lifelong learning. But current delivery methods for recertification programs are a burden to administer and maintain. Additionally, members are demanding a more continuous connection between education and job skills.

By aligning with today’s learners and adjusting its approach with BenchPrep’s platform, CompTIA now administers a recertification program that facilitates lifelong learning through refined, modernized methods. Learn how CompTIA revamped its program to increase revenue, reduce administrative burden, and drive higher user engagement, leading to the win-win end result of seeing positive impact for both CompTIA and its learners.

Learning outcomes

  • Discover the necessity of designing recertification programs to have a more continuous connection between education and job skills
  • Learn how to build a training program for today’s learners that improves long-term engagement and knowledge retention
  • Position recertification as a value driver for users and revenue driver for the organization
  • Leverage technology tools and new business practices to reduce administrative costs

Who should attend?

C-Level executives and directors who are charged with administering training, certification, credentialing, or continuing education programs



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