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David Rogers, digitalNow Opening Keynote

David Rogers

Researcher and author, The Digital Transformation Playbook

Digital transformation matters. It's no longer an issue of owning and using the latest technology; it's about who we are - as leaders, and as organizations. Digital transformation is the process of “figuring out" our strategies, activities, structure, people, and business models.

As we have always said at digitalNow, it’s all about YOU!

Today, more than ever, you, your staff, and your volunteers must embrace the reality that leadership in today’s digital age means digital transformation.  That's why we're bringing you David Rogers as our opening keynote. David literally wrote the book on digital transformation. 

David's KEY Messages for digitalNow 2018

  • Digital transformation is really not about technology. Rather than being about upgrading your IT, it's about upgrading your strategic thinking. 
  • The Leadership role will be shifting from "Decider-in-Chief," to "Questioner-in-Chief"; from main problem solver to one who poses the important questions.
  • Associations' value propositions will shift from being static to being adaptive, evolving.
  • No matter how long you've been around or what industry you are in, when you can learn to think differently and challenge your assumptions, you can find your path to new growth.
  • David's Digital Transformation Playbook discusses the five organizational domains through which transformation takes place, and what the key concepts are in each one that enable change within that domain.
  • The five domains are: Harness customer/member networks; build platforms, not just products; turn data into assets (mobilize the business intelligence you own); innovate by rapid experimentation; adapt your value proposition


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