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Enterprise SaaS Omnichannel Learning Ecosystem

BenchPrep is the only comprehensive learner success platform on the market and is recognized as an expert in learner success globally. Our innovative enterprise SaaS solutions deliver an unmatched digital learning experience for organizations that administer certification, credentialing, test prep, and continuing education programs. Many of the largest assessment companies in the world utilize our platform to deliver a personalized experience within a single ecosystem. By leveraging the power of technology, data, usability engineering, and innovative instructional design models, BenchPrep has helped more than 3 million learners have a more effective, efficient, and enjoyable learning experience. 

The web-based platform has an omnichannel user delivery via iOS and Android apps, tablets and laptop computers, allowing learners to take their studies with them on-the-go. BenchPrep’s platform focuses on learner engagement, unlike many other solutions on the market. It gives users a personalized experience that helps them actually learn the material, leading to greater success and improved outcomes. BenchPrep’s software utilizes adaptive technology that recognizes and adapts to users’ particular learning style. The platform offers a multitude of studying techniques (subject tests, full practice tests, flash cards, predicted score ranges, and personalized learning paths) to help with information retention. 
In addition, BenchPrep offers features that meet the needs of the modern learner such as gamification, social learning and personalization, while helping its partners digitally transform their approach to learning and training. In 2016 alone, learners on our platform collectively completed 45 million learning activities.

Organizations currently powered by BenchPrep include ACT, HR Certification Institute, Becker Professional Education, ProLiteracy, CFA Institute, OnCourse Learning, GMAC, Hobsons, McGraw Hill Education, Infusion Nursing Society, Academy of Nutritionists & Dietetcs, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. BenchPrep users achieve 76% pass rates on their exams, which is 55% higher than average. Furthermore, data shows a direct correlation between the amount of time students and professionals studying for exams spend on the BenchPrep platform and their levels of success in passing those exams. 

In addition, through BenchPrep’s partnership with ACT, over 700,000 low-income students have been provided with ACT Online Prep waivers in order to level the playing field for those who are less fortunate and do not have the economic means to pay for an appropriate level of test preparation. This has resulted in a market value of up to $27.9 million for the academic year. Recently, ACT Online Prep was ranked the most engaging ACT prep course by review.com.

While the impact that test prep can have with students is perhaps more well-known, certifications and licenses for professionals cannot be understated either as they are an integral part of the American workforce. One in three professionals in the United States must be licensed in order to work, which makes it critically important for them to be better prepared for these high-stakes exams and feel confident in their abilities when testing. BenchPrep’s impact on exam success rates provides a significant impact to the American workforce by ensuring jobs are filled by employees who are passing their required exams at higher rates and retaining that knowledge to implement in their field to become a better professional.

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