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ACGI Software® develops and delivers cloud-based, enterprise technologies for associations, credentialing organizations and association management companies.

ACGI’s two platforms—Association Anywhere® AMS and Certelligence™ credentialing management system—help professional and trade associations, credentialing organizations and AMCs achieve higher levels of performance by enabling greater efficiency and agility—which in turn generates higher revenues and smarter growth. 

ACGI has 20+ years of experience and the advanced technologies necessary to streamline, automate and improve these processes. By simplifying complexities, breaking down barriers to collaboration and allowing you to focus on the information that matters most, ACGI’s platforms enable your organization to become more agile and responsive to constituent needs. 

Built on a secure, enterprise-class database architecture, highly configurable and extensible through integrations with web, mobile and back-office applications, ACGI’s products and solutions deliver a rapid return on investment with applications optimized for effectively managing all areas of your business. 

Learn more at www.acgisoftware.com  

Arj Devadas, VP of Sales and Marketing, ACGI Software
866-669-2244, Ext. 4705

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