Dynamic Benchmarking has developed a web-based benchmarking platform that makes it easy to deliver business intelligence and insight to your members while gaining invaluable industry data. Our customers range from small professional associations to large trade associations.

Dynamic Benchmarking allows associations to:

  • Streamline the benchmarking process with a tool that simplifies data collection, and automates analysis and sharing of results.
  • Use the collected data for advocacy, education and other program development
  • Create member value with a tool which builds engagement and loyalty

With Dynamic Benchmarking’s platform, your organization can provide members with a state-of-the art solution that turns raw data into usable business intelligence.  Our custom-tailored, web-based platforms change the way individuals and organizations assess their performance and make decisions.  We provide the tools that tap into the “wisdom of the crowd” by collecting and aggregating user-supplied information. The end result is an easy to use, and interactive benchmarking solution that delivers relevant and actionable peer comparisons to its users and aggregated industry information for our clients.

With our exclusive focus on association benchmarking, we offer a platform that is uniquely configured for each client, but does not require the expense, time and aggravation of custom software development. Our turn-key solution includes consulting on question and KPI development, hosting the platform and providing on-going support for all of your benchmarking and technology needs. We simplify the creation and deployment of your benchmarking study and help relieve IT and support burdens.  Our easy-to-use solution means greater participation which results in better, more meaningful data.

Whether you have an existing survey or are launching a new member initiative, our experienced team of project managers and developers will work with you to build a comprehensive and user friendly platform which will deliver actionable data for both the users and the sponsoring organization.

Join the dozens of national organizations such as the American Institute of CPAs, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies and the many others that count on Dynamic Benchmarking to give their members the insight and information they rely on.


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