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Proud sponsors of the digitalNow NeXT sessions

Higher Learning Technologies, Inc. (HLT) is an industry-leading mobile learning company. With significant capital investment, we have developed a robust and scalable platform to develop, deploy, and support multi-platform mobile apps focused on test preparation and mobile learning (mLearning). By multi-platform, we mean that our apps can be installed and used natively on any iOS or Android device, or through any web browser from a PC or tablet.  Users can install our products on multiple devices and have their progress dynamically synchronized across all to study anytime, anywhere in the medium of their choice.

HLT was founded in 2012 by Alec Whitters, at that time a dental student at the University of Iowa. Frustrated by being required to use thousands of cumbersome paper flashcards to study for the dental boards, Alec tried to work with educational publishers to instead deliver this content using mobile technology. When he couldn’t get others to develop an effective mLearning solution, he decided to create it himself, and HLT was formed.

HLT’s initial success was in the health sciences market, with our flagship products focused on the nursing licensure exam and the dental boards. Today, more than 80% of nursing and dental students in the United States download and use our products. Our social media communities in these markets include more than 700,000 followers, our social media reaches more than 2 million people per day, and our individual campaigns have reached as many as 40 million people. We leverage these social media communities to refine and improve our products and to conceptualize new products. We apply direct input and engagement from our learning communities to help meet the future needs of our customers. As a result, HLT now has more than twenty mobile apps that support nursing students and practicing nurses in all phases of their career, and six mobile apps that support dental students and professionals. Our process is scalable and has been applied to other market verticals, such as medical, financial and business services, transportation, real estate, and others. To date, HLT products have been installed by more than 10 million users.

Over the past year, HLT has spent significant time and effort expanding our platform to effectively deliver instructional content, reference materials, and continuing education. Working with some of the nation’s leading credentialing bodies, we have also developed a platform for to deliver longitudinal assessments for use in maintenance of certification. While this platform positions us to work with other associations to leverage this technology, the process we developed to work with association leaders, key stakeholders, and members to conceptualize, adapt, and implement the recertification process is our ‘secret sauce’. We look forward to meeting with other organizations who seek to raise the level of engagement with their members through the use of mLearning technology.

Download the HLT ASE Mobile Recertification Case Study

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