Our 2018 Partners | Personify


Personify is the leading solution provider that empowers the best constituent-focused organizations to succeed. Through our constituent engagement software and services, we help our clients better interact with their constituents at every touch point, leading to increased revenue and improved staff productivity. Our organization-wide solutions are based on modern, dependable technology and are supported with a proven client engagement model that assures successful deployment and the adoption of best practices to maximize our clients' return on investment. After 20 years of innovation within the industry and hundreds of successful outcomes, our clients have trusted us to be their primary technology partner.

Personify360 delivers enterprise software and service solutions that enable organizations to drive member value through best-of-breed technology and best practices. As an organization’s technology foundation, Personify360 captures and provides insight across all member interactions, allowing them to maximize engagement and drive revenue. This is supported by a partnership-based service philosophy committed to helping organizations make smart decisions about their technology in order to maximize adoption and return on investment.

Small World Community by Personify is an online social collaboration solution built with the flexibility to meet the needs of any organization and its constituents. Small World Community enables organizations of all sizes to create social experiences that connect, engage, mobilize and collaborate with their constituents through questions and answers, ideas, user generated content, groups, gamification, ratings & reviews, document collaboration, directories, and more. Small World Community creates engaged constituents, which become more loyal and contribute more to your organization.


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